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邪VIER (vierai)
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  • China
    maybe not a good cosplayer, but I will still do my best to be the one I want to be^q^ 来自天朝的总是很愉♂悦的哲学君^q^面瘫脸一个orz欢迎世界各地的同好一起玩! weibo:
  • Brazil
    Hi! I'm Mah, from Brazil! I'm a fujoshi xD Nice to meet you! My tumblr: DevianART: Facebook: Instagram: Kure Mah
  • Peru
    Hi everyone~! I'm a Crossplayer from Peru~★ [Cure]
  • Malaysia
    Hello~~~~Fiona here~(~ o ~) Facebook--- I start my cosplay at December 2012~~~♪~(´ε` ) Nice to meet U all~~~~~(・(仝)・)
  • Brazil
    Hello everybody, my name is Carlos but you can call me Karu and I am a Brazilian cosplayer. Feel free to add me on facebook and talk to me about anime and movies. Facebook: :D Working on the next cosplay... Logix Fiscario Soon...
  • Brazil
    ☆よろしく! my fanpage cosplay group fanpage Ameblog ヘ(゚∀゚*)ノ Twitter ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ CRAZY KAMIYA HIROSHI LOVER <33 (●´ω`●)ゞ Cosplayer since 2005.
  • Indonesia
    thanks for coming/liking/commenting/following i just a fellow cosplayer . godspeed you
  • Brazil
    Welcome to my worldcosplay! I hope you enjoy, thanks people! ★☆*:.。.(≧▽≦).。.:*☆★ Bem-vindos ao meu WorldCosplay! Espero que gostem, obrigado galera! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و ★ Facebook: ★ Deviantart: ★ Website:
  • Hong Kong
    (。-∀-)♪ Cure No. 330102 ♥ Pop'n Music ♥ Happy Tree Friends ♥ Usavich ♥ There's 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you.(*´▽`*)I LOVE YOU. (Rest .MODE) Welcome to chat:D 在圈外浮游的低調派 ♪____THANKS FOR PHOTOGRAPHY___♪
  • China
    【MicroBlog:】 欢迎交流www~
  • Malaysia
    大家好!我是Tenka小审 来自马来西亚, 想认识我的可以来加我为好友哦www 大家多多指教咯^w^ hello!my name is Tenka Namimoon, cosplayer from malaysia nice to meet you all ^^ Facebook: weibo: Twitter: AMPLE ID:0000005574
  • China
    起初是Coser,玩Cos比赛,也玩私影,然后又变成了Cos摄影爱好者。 目前对Cos的看法是:Cosplay是降神术。或者说其精神与降神术、古希腊戏剧相通。 Cosplay is a seance.I think so.
  • China
    I like the BASARA and DMMD 庆次不足啊啊啊 战B狗 player 外景没动力更喜欢和基友逛展 图渣 自娱自乐 脑子有洞
  • Thailand
  • Japan Cosplay from Osaka JAPAN.