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两圈煎小豆 (vampirebean)
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    Hello there ^^ So as you can see I am a cosplyer from Israel. You can visit my cosplay page on facebook ^^
  • China
    I'm just a China high school students, regardless of age, economy, technology, energy and time, far too, but I will be happy! 私ただ1人の中国の高校生は、年齢、経済、それとも時間は、技術、精力も差があまりにも遠くて、しかし私は嬉しい! 我只是一个中国的高中生,无论年龄,经济,还是时间,技术,精力 都差得太远,但是我会开心的!
  • Nicaragua
    Cosplay Photographer since 2011. I like to work with everyone. Nicaraguan, born in 1989. I cosplay every once in a while, but I don't like to share my work. I hope cosplayers who have worked with me tagg me along!