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Fotógrafa Val (Valesca Braga)
  • Ukraine
    I am from Ukraine. But live and have study in Italy(Torino, Piemonte). I speak ukrainian, english, japanese, italian and russian languages. Dislike write profiles and information of me. Prefer open myself in dialogues with persons. I am goth and opera-singer, poet and writer, fashion designer and grafic writer, transgressive and pacific, etc.
  • South Korea
  • Hong Kong
    你好,我是來自香港的cosplayer祐光 請大家多多指教:) はじめまして、祐光と申します。 香港出身のレイヤーです。 宜しくお願いいたします。 コスプレはマイペースにやっています。 Nice to meet you! I'm Yuukou, a cosplayer from Hong Kong. Instagram@yuukou_1_0_0_8 Cosplay page: Facebook:
  • China
    我是中国的cosplayer 十二靥(=^▽^=)ノ 新浪微博 Twitter:
  • Russia
    Hello, my name is Eve. Nice to meet you :3 My former page: Instagram: RIOKAMISHIRO Twitter: @rio_kamishiro Ask me: Deviantart: Me at VK: Currently working on: Honebami & Namazuo & Midare Toushirou (Touken Ranbu) Yuto (Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V) Moroboshi Seya (I DOLL U) Serena (Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V) Heroine (Amnesia) Atom & Rui & L & R (MARGINAL#4)
  • Indonesia
    YO! im Hiroshi Kuroyuki, from Kediri, Indonesia. Well i have my real name, but my onii chan akira hiroshi who lives in Japan give me a japanese name too, so i used it. well this is my cosplay and im sorry if "VERY BAD" u can comment me anything,as long as that can help me to upgrade my cosplay :) oh call me "KURO" Yooroshiku ne! >o<
  • Philippines
    I started cosplaying last April 2014. I liked anime ever since I was young. My photos are really not that good but I always try my best to portray the characters I cosplay. Thank you for visiting my profile! Facebook: Twitter: Deviantart:
  • Dee
    Hi! I'm Feng mei~ One of zillions random girl in universe I love cutie and fluffy stuff Let's be friends~
  • Indonesia
    andhika sp hieka desu, from indonesia, java island desu, yoroshiku~ beginer cosplayer desu,..
  • South Korea
    Korean Cosplayer/Photographer/Artist Honyu :) 코스플레이어/사진사/아티스트 혼유입니다! ♥ Marble & DC comics
  • Indonesia
    Although my icy stare but my smile as warm as the sun. My hobbies writing And I was the brightest star, "one of a million"
  • Indonesia
  • Italy
    @ 'ェ' @ / Facebook:
  • Indonesia
    Nice to meet you, I am Rain Raven, you guys can call me Raven or Rain. I am cosplayer from Bandung, Indonesia. You can add my Facebook account Let's be a friend Hope you like my photos ^^V My next plan cosplay Tadashi Hamada (Big Hero 6)
  • Malaysia
    ✿I'm Alien. XD ✿Newbie coser. ✿From Malaysia. ✿Nice to meet you. FB✿ Blog✿ Instagram✿
  • Indonesia
    yahooo yoroshiku ne mina~ watashiwa khoiruru azizu desu