Usakura (yusakura)
  • HAL
  • Malaysia
    ♛ Photographer ♛ Malaysian ♛ Available mostly at Penang, KL and Melaka You know the drills > _ <
  • Peru
    Hiiii!! I'm Sakumiko anime, manga & cosplay lover thanks for watch my costumes ;u;
  • Ken
    \ (•◡•) / WELLLCOOOOMMEEEE, MINNNAAAA \ (•◡•) / I am Ken, a cosplayer who is good at wigs, armours and make-up Thank you very much for your enormous support and love!! If you like my work, follow me here :'3 I will definitely check your work back. The same goes for my facebook page and my instagram: If you want to talk to me or ask me something, don't hesitate!! I hope we can be friends (。◕‿‿◕。)
  • United States
    Here you will find photos from anime conventions that I attended! Thank you for looking! ^-^
  • South Korea
    sonnim South Korea/ Female korean, English Japanese Twitter : @sonnim_123 blog : Hi, I'm Sonnim. I want to be friend with all of you . Follow twitter is free . Please send a self-introduction in reply . こんにちは、私はソニム だよ。 私はあなたのすべてと友人になりたい。 twitterのフォローは自由です。 自己紹介をリプライで送ってください。
  • United States
    Hello! I am Chuu, cosplay/toy photographer/musician from WA! I've been cosplaying since 2010 and love the hobby with all my heart~ <3 Tumblr: FB Page:
  • Russia
    ✦ I`m learning Japanese language and do cosplays. ✦ Nickname: Yashiro ✦ Age: 23 ✦ Location: NSK [Novosibirsk] ★RU .。.:*♡ URL: ✦ VKONTAKTE: ✦ INSTAGRAM: ✦ FACEBOOK:
  • Thailand
    I've cosplay since 2006 And now about 30 characters from games , anime & some movies
  • Indonesia
    I am from Indonesia, I would be very happy if I could find a lot of friends cosplayers from other countries in the world Let's be friends
  • Indonesia
    Hello,... My name is Kawamata Hiruma (It's my birth name given by my father, despite I don't use it in my country). I am a lecturer, cosplayer, event organizer, live show performer, singer, and many more ^o^ (It's too much if I have to describe it one by one). About my cosplay, Although I like to cosplay and attend to anime convention events as a visitor, But since 2016, I started to work and focus on live show.
  • Chile email:
  • China
    只是個愛好者 歡迎勾搭微博: 不定時更新照片····· 黑執事居多~歡迎同好勾搭~
  • Peru
    Hello friends, my name is Giovanni (Gioteya) and I am from Peru. I am 45 years old and recently decided to create things that I like. I do not have much experience in cosplay but I have enough desire to try. so I'm a beginner with many ideas. Hope you like. Greetings from Peru.
  • Indonesia
    Hellow.... salam kenal dari saya Emiru Kiou.... I m Cosplayer from Bandung, Indonesia Cosplayer since 2007 FINAL FANTASY FANS "I LOVE FINAL FANTASY SOOOOO MUCH..." Bagiku...Cosplay itu Seni... (Cosplay is Art) Seni berkostum dan seni berperan...
  • Italy
    Professional Cosplay Photographer and @UsCosplay Official Photographer. I really do hope, that my photos will bring your hearts joy and happiness. Please follow me if you want to see more photos. You are also free to follow my personal Facebook page : 💕 Facebook Page : 💕Instagram Page: 💕 UsCosplay Official Page :