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    My nickname 's Haruka Hiyama :3 Just call me Hachan for short ~ I'm cosplayer Vietnamese. I love Cosplay , sing , dance . My favorite anime is Hitman reborn , Kaichou wa maid sama , Love live . I want to have new friend all the world <3 Nice to meet you !
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    Yo, enjoy yourselves.
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    Hi everyone ! I'm a cosplayer from Viet Nam and I am just a newbie ^^ Hope you enjoy my page <3 My Facebook :
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    Hi my nickname is Zakyrotz im a Cosplay Photographer but for now im Key Hatsune PHOTOgrapher, i want to know and learn from other various works of each photographer and cosplayers to continue to grow my skills and take better photos. Follow/Like -> <- I would appreciate a lot to visit her world cosplay profile and like our photos, thank you very much :D that will give us more encouragement to continue!! <3
  • Russia
    Hi! i'm a photographer and I really love cosplayers nice to meet you^^
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    Hello~ My name is Claudia, from Italy! <3 I'm a cosplayer since 2011. I'm 19 and I like loads of stuff (▔∀▔ )╯ *゚‘゚・✿ ✖ Find me! ↗ facebook: ↗ twitter: ↗ instagram: ↗ tumblr: ↗ youtube: ↗ ↗ soundcloud:
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    코스플레이어 알망입니다. 반갑습니다. 덕질을 위한 연락은 언제나 환영^^ MSN : twitter : @cosarmand ------------------------------------------------ Thank you for visiting this page. I'm a Korean cosplayer. If you want to talk with me, please use MSN messanger & twitter. MSN : twitter : @cosarmand KOREAN, ENGLISH, JAPANESE possible.