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ウミ-UMI- (UMI)
Hong Kong
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  • Canada
    Hi! I'm Audrey, a french canadian cosplayer living in Montreal. Spoken languages: french, english I'm also a member of a cosplay group: Kyuujin Team Please visit the page for more info about our upcoming project "Naruto: This is War" !!
  • Brazil
    Hello, I'm Mei. Cosplay is my hobbie, I really love it! Facebook:
  • Indonesia
    Hi! I am Nyachi ( /^O^)/ I love cat~ Nice to meet you friends! I hope I can post some pictures soon. Yoroshiku onegaisimasu!
  • Japan
  • Kau
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
    My name is kodaka Nice to meet you 初めまして 色々な国の方々と仲良くなりたいと思ってます どうぞよろしくお願いします (^^)
  • awa
    粟(あわ)です A/Zでは主にスレインを愛でてます 近期>ラブライブ!(ほののぞはな推し) 凪あす(要さゆ) アルゼロ(伊奈スレ) スクスト(二穗推し)
  • Thailand
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Italy
  • Taiwan
  • Malaysia
    Hello all ^^ I just want to share my cosplay photo with you guys. Appreciate everything, including the passion of cosplaying.
  • Taiwan
    Hi!!我是來自台灣的coser 笑連。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。 cos資歷年...持續增加中(´///☁///`)還算是個新手(*ˇωˇ*人) 如果有做不好的地方歡迎指教:) Thitter: Plurk: Facebook: ASK:
  • United States
    im a cosplayer from michigan who loves anime manga j-music and kpop. i love looking at cosplays and hope to learn to be a beter cosplayer.