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Tammy Pamyu Panda (Tammy)
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  • Viet Nam
    Hello everyone ~ ! I'm Reiki Shiratori My acc facebook : Thank you for watching > v < ~~~~~~ <3 <3 <3 <3
  • China
    CN:HYDE 喜欢冷门番、童年番 微博: Lofter:
  • Taiwan
    松川寢,叫我小寢就行了。 挖坑多、填坑慢、跑場散,不介意的話就交個朋友吧~ 更完整的照片與黑歷史,還有二手動漫物販售 天空網誌-In the past
  • Philippines
    i'm a cosplayer and artist from the Philippines. \(♥.♥)/ ^^. nice to meet you all :3 FACEBOOK ~ TWITTER ~ @jennieandstitch CURE ~ DEVIANART ~ TUMBLR ~
  • Thailand
    A cosplayer videographer mostly working in Thailand. Can see my work here: or here: Also have a Facebook fanpage:
  • DW
    United States
    I don't make decisions, I eat them. Favorites: 聖剣伝説 LEGEND OF MANA, MONSTER HUNTER, GANTZ, POKEMON, FATE/ZERO, ZATCH BELL 金色のガッシュ!!, BASARA, SILENT HILL, PSYCO-PASS, 神様はじめました Find me on: ACP: DA: Facebook:
  • Taiwan
    初めまして、かそらです★ 台湾でよく活動を参加しております♪ よろしくお願いします。.+:。ヽ(・ω・)ノ Hi!my name is kasora. I come from Taiwan. Nice to meet you!(lol) ★web: ★blog: ★CURE:164768
  • China
    My name is Rain My English is poor, so I hope anyone give me opinion. Thanks! 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN!大爱 Vorrei che La Nostra amicizia, per sempre.
  • Singapore
    Cosplayed since 2001. Took a break in 2006 and returned to cosplay again mid-2012. Prefer the minor characters who are often overlooked but deserve their due credits too... Tweet me @thejokumi Thanks for the hearts and follows (if any). Past Records: World Cosplay Summit 2013 and 2014 (Team Singapore), EOY2012 (Cosplay Ambassador) Cure ID: 345345
  • Japan
    はじめまして、まーにと申します! 主に乙女ゲームを中心としてコスプレしております。が、それ以外にもコスプレしております^^ 好きな作品が被っている方など是非宜しくお願い致します〜! 可能コス ・ハートの国のアリス:ボリス=エレイ ・MARGINAL#4:桐原アトム、藍羽ルイ、野村エル、野村アール ・黒子のバスケ:黄瀬涼太 ・明治東亰恋伽:菱田春草、泉鏡花、川上音二郎 ・DIABOLIK LOVERS:逆巻アヤト、逆巻シュウ ・starry☆sky:木ノ瀬梓 ・Scared Rider Xechs:駒江 クリストフ ヨウスケ、鞍馬ヒロ ・ヘタリア(a.p.h):スペイン、プロイセン My neme is marni! I'm a Japanese cosplayer. nice to me too!!!
  • Malaysia
    Hello everyone, my name is Doll ~ yoroshiku ~ ~ I am a Malaysia cosplayer >w< I wish can recognizing many friend ^^ Thank you~~ facebook page: 大家好,我叫娃娃,请多指教~~ 我是马来西亚的coser >w< 希望能认识很多朋友,谢谢~~
  • Singapore
    I constantly tell bad jokes. Dad laughs; because I was his ultimate Dad joke punchline. ~~~~ I'm Anne. I speak English and Mandarin Chinese. And I enjoy dressing up as fictional characters. ~~~~ Links: Tumblr: (personal) (ask) Twitter: Youtube:
  • Hong Kong
    大家好,我是Annie,有些人也會叫我梨 是一名香港的新手Cosplayer 資歷不深 請大家多多指點 也希望大家能與梨多多交流cosplay的心得 希望大家會喜歡我的cosplay 謝謝大家 Hi, I am Annie, is a cosplayer. I come from HongKong. I hope that you will like my cosplay. Thank you.
  • South Korea
    안녕하세요? 코스어 알피입니다. 방문해 주셔서 감사합니다. Hi~! I`m korean cosplayer ALPPY~! Nice to meet you~♥ BLOG -> (twin blog)
  • Aya
    I'm Japanese and I've been in Canada for a year to study English! Let's talk without hesitation ^^ I can also speak Spanish a little ^^ I am in Twitter!If you are in Twitter,let's talk and become friends^^♪ I work in Cambodia ,so I wanna make cosplay-friends in Southeast Asia ^^ cure 81243 Archive 14914 twitter kim4141
  • Taiwan
    I hope we will be friends! 玩 COS 有一陣子了~ 還是弱弱的? 還請多多指教? XD 我的天空(BLOG): Cure No. 242289 FB: