TakaShinReisa (TakaShinReisa)
  • Meo
    Viet Nam
    Facebook: https://mobile.facebook.com/destiny.kelvin.1?ref=bookmarks Instagram: konji_cosplayer
  • Indonesia
    Good day, everyone! We are cosplayers from Bali, Indonesia. We still have a lot more to study. Kindly visit and like our page > https://www.facebook.com/wearenottwin/ Thank you ^u^
  • Czech Republic
  • Indonesia
    this is our results of our work gallery . i make all costumes with my brother for my friends please check our facebook if you want to see the results of our work more https://www.facebook.com/MelonCCS/
  • WI
    Polish cosplay duo - Wojti & Iya Est. 2014 Facebook: www.facebook.com/wi.cosplay
  • Indonesia
    hai minna im Akahito Gendha or you can call me Raka from Bali - Indonesia im Kameko also im Coscplayer too :v
  • Portugal
    Amigos chamam-me de Fisguinho, sou antigo youtuber e faço cosplay(tudo artesanal) nos meus tempos livres para me divertir razão pela qual não sai grande coisa. MAL:http://myanimelist.net/profile/animemasterpt
  • Turkey
    Hi !! My name is Görkem >.> I'm cosplayer from Turkey! Nice to meet you! ^-^ --------------------- * Facebook Page * : https://www.facebook.com/Raiyeiji Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Raiyeiji.gngk Twitter: https://twitter.com/Raiyeiji İnstagram: https://www.instagram.com/raiyeiji/ DeviantArt: http://raiyeiji.deviantart.com/
  • Thailand
    Cosplay Hello everyone. Name Costa Haru Kisame 16 years old I Naha wins every layer>3<
  • Taiwan
  • Indonesia
    Hi, I'm Dita from Bali, Indonesia, and I'm Kameko check out my page :3 facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dita-Photograph/283365421708800
  • Indonesia
  • Indonesia
  • Indonesia
    Hi! I'm Shira from Indonesia! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ My favorites: ♡ Touken Ranbu ♡ Owari no Seraph ♡ Diabolik Lovers ♡ X/1999 ♡ KALAFINA ♥ Kougami Shinya ♥ Mikaela Hyakuya, Ferid Bathory & Crowley Eusford ♥ Tsurumaru, Mitsutada & Akashi Nice to meet you all! (/^▽^)/ [FACEBOOK] https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1436580552
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  • Germany
    国 - ドイツ 言語 - ドイツ語 / 英語 名前 - 字鳥ミカ コスプレ2002年以来 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/MikasCosplays Deviantart - http://mika-azatori.deviantart.com Cosplay.com - http://www.cosplay.com/member/42095 Curecos - http://ja.curecos.com/profile/?ch=352176 ドイツ人です、日本語は分からないのでご了承ください。(*´Д`*)ノ Country: Germany Languages: German/English Name: Mika Azatori Cosplay since: 2002 All my cosplays are selfmade.