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    An appreciator to the following things: -> cosplay, music, art, anime/manga, cartoon/comics, dance <- I thank you all for taking your time to stop by Cure: 327721 Facebook:
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    Hello there cuties, I am a cosplayer in Southern Cali~ I enjoy penguins, abs and 2-D boyfriends! Please accept me into the group! www Cosplay Page~
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    From Colorado, USA, but living in Kyoto for a year! 出身はアメリカのコロラド州ですが、一年間京都に住んでいます。一緒に関西でコスプレをやりたい人に会いたいので、もちろんいつでもアーカイブでメッセージを送ってもいいです。よろしくお願い致します! Facebook: Tumblr: DeviantArt: Cure ID: 353985 Cosplay Archive: 323244
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    Manaka's here ♫꒰・‿・๑꒱. Eng/Viet is ok!! I'm interested in Otome/BL/Sound Horizon/Zektbach/VOCALOID/NND/全职高手/JX3/and more.. Feel free to contact/chatting by Twitter, Facebook or Tumblrヾ(*Φ∀Φ)ノ Tumblr: Facebook: - please introduce before add, thank you! ( (ミ´ω`ミ)) Thank you for stop by and like my photos =^● ⋏ ●^=.
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    Find more of my stuff on FB:
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    緩慢更新 >A< FB:Ga_Katsuki FB粉專:香月閣 Plurk:aa4444vm 天空:kkhiv696 Fc2:(荒廃中..)
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    hello hello~ I'm A2KI (atuki) and I love cosplay. I started in 2009 and I hope to improve more and more each year ^^ I'm a member from a cosplay group called Strawberry Censor with members Soweluki (Boomie) and UsaGG (GG). <3 [[facebook]] [[Instagram]] [[Deviant art]] [[Cure No.]] 320389 [[YouTube]]
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    Hello~Is nice to see you here. I hope this place can help me make more friends around the world. If you like or interest my cosplay please make friend with me.:$ LOVE: Tiger & bunny Ao no Exorcist Fairy tail Puella Magi Madoka Magica APH Pokemon Frozen JOJO You can contact me in this blog:
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    Hi everyone! Thanks a lot for visiting :3 Nice to meet you all! <3 DeviantArt: Twitter: Thanks a lot for the favs <3
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    Hello, I'm Brittany, but you can call me Ex. I'm an average cosplayer who just wishes to go out to a bunch of conventions and who doesn't get to take many professional pictures with nice backgrounds.
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    Blood ,need more
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    Hello I´m Ane I´m from Colima Mexico I´m new in cosplay but I really like it <3 Facebook: Deviantart: Twitter: Google+: