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    Plurk→ FB→ 歡迎來逛逛// Welcome to my place.
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    Polish cosplay duo - Wojti & Iya Est. 2014 Facebook:
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    Narisya. 80% smiles, 20% frowns, music lover (Japanese, Korean, English, pop, rock, jazz), fangirl. I've only started cosplay in 2013, and it's a fun hobby. ^^ I like to cosplay my favourite characters from any series that I watch/read. I also draw~ You can find me on: dA/tumblr/Twitter: tsukidako; pixiv: 6674400 Current favs: 黒子のバスケ // Free! // うたの☆プリンスさまっ // K // ハイキュー!! // デュラララ!! // 虹色デイズ // 少年ハリウッド // Gangsta. etc...
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    I am a big fan of all related to "Land of the Rising Sun" and Asian regions. Make friends and relate to great personalities high class and I being a fan and being Here in World Cosplay. - L.A.G. -
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    Hi everyone!!! My name is Kaori ^_^. I'm not a cosplayer but soon I will become cosplayer too XD (just hope that the day will come sooner ><). I can speak Chinese , English n Malay. So, thanks everyone who follow me or like my post. Love u guys!!! ><
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    hi!I'm hotaru or demi.Whatever you like! >w<
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    My name is KumiKumi. i'm from Thailand. ♥ I love cosplay and i hope you enjoy my pic. ♥ ✖ ;' ' ; I'm 19 years old . I like cosplay and Anime ! >3< ★【FB】★ 。 。