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Lady Squalala
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  • Canada
    Hulloes <3 ~ I am a cosplayer from Canada and have been doing this for almost 3 years now. Please forgive my crappy English, my first language is le French :3 Current obsessions : Berserk, Fate/Zero, Tsuritama, Gundam 00 Favourite anime : Cowboy Bebop, xxxHolic, Gintama, Level E, Mononoke, Last Exile Next cosplays: Ryuunnosuke - Fate/Zero , Tieria Erde - Gundam 00 , Oscar - Lupin the Third , Griffith - Berserk
  • Russia
    Hello everyone! ^____^ My nickname you see, sooooo... my name is Jan, but you can call me Cookies ^^ I am a cosplayer and photographer from Moscow, Russia. _______________________________ Пока что для русских напишу xDDD Страничка в вк - И мой паблик там же, как фотографа -
  • Japan
    Web>> Cure>> LayerCroud>> Archive>> 戦国BASARAメインで活動しています。 宜しくお願いします!
  • Canada
  • Canada
    follow me
  • Malaysia
    Hi all.. nice to meet u all... I`m Xiaolay from Malaysia.. Let enjoy cosplay together.. ^^ My Page :
  • Canada
    Extreamly gullible Not that tall Derp at everything Try her best to make people smile So she end up being wierd... But Wierd is a good thing, right? :D Cure No. 341520 FACEBOOK: TWITTER: YOUTUBE: TUMBLR:
  • United States
    Hi to all cosplayers I am Michelle Monigue I heard lots of people talking about worldcosplay so I thought I should join so like what you see and enjoy I am a cosplay photographer Deviantart: Youtube: My Website: Facebook:
  • Canada
    Hi! Nice to meet you! I'm a cosplayer from Canada~ :) Please feel free to follow me and like my FB page ;)
  • Canada
    Hi, I'm a cosplayer from Quebec, Canada and I've been cosplaying since 2010.
  • Canada
    Hello, my name is Tommeh Chu. I am a Canadian cosplayer from the Montreal area. I do prop work and sew. I occasionally accept commissions from people nearby. Visit my facebook page at for more updates! Hope we can get along!!
  • Canada
  • Brazil
    Olá me chamo Toshi, muito prazer! Sou brasileiro e atualmente moro no Japão. Junto com um amigo, fizemos também a conta como Shadow Team. Nesse perfil quero expor também meus trabalhos ao longo de vários anos de aprendizado. Agradeço a atenção^^v 初めまして、トシです! 僕はブラジル人でも日本に住んでいます。 特撮ガ大好きです! よろしくお願いします! Facebook page
  • Canada
    Country: Canada DA: Facebook page: next cosplay: Belle - Beauty and the beast of Disney Elefseus - moira from sound horizon Fay D. Flowright - Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Anime Tenchou - animate Hisoka - Hunter X hunter columbus - eiyuu senki kurama demon - yu yu hakusho