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    HELLO! I'm Mira from the Philippines. Hope you guys will love my cosplays and don't be shy in leaving me a message
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    PHOTOGRAPHER Visit my other pages
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    Welcome me WC ! ^0^ Facebook://
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    Hi everyone! My name is THOUSAND 花千落(小落) Please follow me if you like my cosplay (^~^)! FB:
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  • Lyu
    Hallo~ My name is Lyu, I'm a cosplayer from Taiwan,nice to meet you! 哈囉!我是Lyu (律)~ 台灣北部人,半手作coser。 目前DC、JOJO熱衷,雜食系(?) 請多指教~ Plurk :
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    My name is Niela, from Brazil. Cosplay is fun and I love it! DeviantArt:
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    Hello My name is Ayanami Alice.. I'm One of cosplayer.. I Love Anime and cosplay very much ^^ Please take care of me ^^ Mina Yoroshikun :D Pls Support me ne ^^ You can call me Aya-chan ^^ ne ^^ ☆BCY : ☆Facebook :
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    Hi everyone, my name is paulina. Im from méxico. I love the cosplay -duh(?)- I always like use costumes and be someone else. Is funny act like an other person or creature. Im in this world since 2009. I hope you like my work . You can find me in facebook an DA, like MaQsii