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Smexy-boy (Smexyboy)
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  • Peru
    Hi, I'm Peruvian susima namiko cosplayer ^ u ^) ♥ anime, video games, what I do is facina cosplay * o *) and thanks for overnight stop my page I want ♥ w ♥) ★ ★
  • Spain
    Hi! I'm Dekano. Instagram:
  • Argentina
    Soy Roxas Sempai , hago cosplay porque me gusta jaja :p poco a poco voy mejorando en mis cosplays haciendolos con amor y paciencia n.n me gusta hacer armas con los materiales que mi familia tira ,si lose parece que fuera cartonero asi XD soy fan a muerte de Kingdom hearts y de Kaito jaja n.n
  • Not set
  • France
    Hi, I'm Haiko, you can find me on Fcb (my cosplay's page is Haiko Cosplay), I'm 16 & now I have got 3 cosplay and crossplay (Child Mikasa, Mikasa 15 years, and Kuroko), and I will have 2 others crossplay at Christmas ! I do cosplay since March 2015 :3 Enjoy ♥
  • United Kingdom
  • Mexico
    Hi! I'm mexican cosplayer/crossplayer. I love more the crossplay, and my favorite animes are: - Kuroshitsuji -Uta no prince sama -Owari no seraph -Ao no exorcist Instagram: Twitter:
  • France
    Hi everyone ! I'm Kimiyu, from france... I've start Cosplay since 4 years. Today I cosplay Hetalia, Dramatical Murder, Bioshock 2, Kyo Kara Maoh and Magi labyrinth of Magic, I prepare Link's Zora armor from TP, Foxy from FNAF, Jessica Rabbit and Takasu from Orenchi no furo jijou I'll make in first place all convention in Lyon, sometimes at Japan Expo in Paris. My Facebook and ask Cosplay page is "Kimiyu Cosplay" So thanks guys and have a nice day !
  • Italy
    Hello everyone! My name is Ronnie and I'm 17-year-old Italian girl. I love anime, manga, books, tv shows, rock and pop music, videogames and photography. I started doing cosplay last year and I'm going to improve my cosplays! Next events: -26th and 27th February: Vicomics (I'm looking forward to it *^*) with Garry from Ib and another time with Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill Follow me on Instagram too! (dedicated to cosplay of course): @ronnies_cosplay
  • France
    WorldCosplay page of NODOKA from France 【FaceBook】 : 【Twitter】 : 【DeviantArt】: 【】: French cosplayer since 2008 ~ Costume Maker & Prop maker I'm shy and not really self-confident, but paradoxically I'm so much impulsive... You can see all my costumes and progress on my Facebook page.
  • France
    PrayForParis I Come to Japan in 2017 =D Hello everyone. Thank you for your visit. Cosplay Schedule : Vocaloid, Shingeki no Kyojin, Adekan, Saint Seiya, Blazblue, Amnesia, UtaPri, Hakuouki, DOLLS, Macross Frontier, DRAMAtical Murder, Free !!, Kuroko No Basket, Loveless Next project : Sakura Hime (Tsubase Reservoir Chronicle) Deimos (Starfighter) Next convention : - Japan Touch 2015 (Lyon - France) Page FB : Kanda Cosplay >>>
  • France
    Hi ! I'm a French Cosplayer, I hope you will enjoy my photos ! Facebook - DeviantArt -
  • Brazil
    hello! ●ω●  My name is Tody. I'm a brazilian cosplayer. Nice to meet you :} {Facebook} {Deviantart}
  • China
    o(︶︿︶)o 并没有
  • Italy
    Hello everyone, I'm Risa Inoue! That's not my real name, I mean, I'm Italian! I love Japan, and I'd love to live there, but for the moment I live in Viareggio, in Tuscany. I speak Italian, English, and a little of Japanese. I love manga and anime. Hope you like my cosplays! Twitter: Facebook:
  • Italy
    Hi! Welcome to my world cosplay page! ^^ I'm pretty little but I just love cosplay! Hum... Well... about me... I'm italian aaaand... (?) I love pizza! :D