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    Myself Start To Love Cosplays & Cosplay Women 3 Years Ago My Last GF Was A Little Fanatic into Cosplays ha,,ha I am not a cosplayer myself "Maybe next woman can motivate me to dressup 4 Cosplay" But i follow the amazing & lovely cosplayers Myself have train & instruct in Martial arts & Street Survival. "Until Then Check Me & Partners New Contest 2018"
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    My name is Judal | 20 | Come from Thailand | IG : thedarksun_judal | Thanks for visit | Nice to meet you My Page : Twitter : Please Follow, Please Like, Thank you
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    Hi! I Japanese cosplayers. Please feel free to follow ◎ ▼Link twitter* archive* ♡やフォローなどありがとうございます!
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    Hi! I'm Saeki. I'm cosplayer from Poland. ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
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    在下是雪兒凜子是也 我是在2016年8開始玩Cosplay請大家多多指教 大家好,我係來自香港的Cosplayer的雪兒凜子,我同時也是四次元四宋809000後組合的成員,我主要的工作是同人插畫丶電玩和Cosplay,請大家多多指教和喜歡我的Cos作品!我的目標是加入9RUSH及V-porject 的組合及站在同一個舞台。 中文:雪兒凜子 英文:Ciel Rinko 職業:屯門展亮學生 Cosplay歷:2年 電玩歷:12年 第一次Cos角色:大和守安定(刀剣乱舞) 喜愛的動漫:女神異聞錄5 喜愛的動漫角色:佐倉雙葉 Facebook: 雪兒凜子-粉絲專頁: Cosp: Pixiv:
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    My name is kodaka Nice to meet you 初めまして 色々な国の方々と仲良くなりたいと思ってます どうぞよろしくお願いします (^^)
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    吾之名 翱羽 飞羽翱翔 拥抱天际 (注:原有旧号无法进入,所以重开一个号了!2017.2.14)
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    pumpkin bitch lives in a jail
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    HELLO I AM MATCHAMITSU!! Cosplay and fashion enthusiast from Tulsa, OK. I hope you enjoy my cosplay- Please feel free to rate and leave a comment! FOR PROFESSIONAL INQUIRIES: ☾ FOLLOW & SUPPORT ☽ ☆ PATREON: ☆ TWITTER: ☆ INSTAGRAM: ☆ TUMBLR: ☆ FACEBOOK:
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    [大] DAI x [空] SORA 【Blog】: soon 【TW】: 【FP】: 【DAI】: 【SORA】: 【IG】: 【TUMBLR】:
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    Cosplayer and сrafter from Russia. My contacts: My group:
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    Cosplayer from China Learning how to take nice photos Thanks for watching my works Twitter: Lofter: Wish more communication~