Hong Kong
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    I love to cosplay and I want to become better at it, but at heart it's still a fun hobby for me. Here's my FaceBook Page: https://www.facebook.com/BEEPcos/
  • Thailand
  • Thailand
    Hi Everyone! im Jessi Chawn cosplayer from Asia ^^ https://www.facebook.com/jessi093
  • Slovakia
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    Hi everyone I'm ARASHI I come from Hong Kong and I study in UK 大家好!我是香港COSER嵐軒 请多多指教!! 嵐と申します!よろしくお願いします! ★マギ/未來日記/神々の悪戯/绝园のテンペスト/刀剣乱舞 FB: http://www.facebook.com/xiao.lan.731 Weibo: http://weibo.com/u/1981516957
  • Hong Kong
    Hello(ゝω・´★) ♥嵐 https://www.facebook.com/shitsu2cosplay plurk:shitsu_2 ig:shitsu_2
  • Viet Nam
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    I am a Filipino cosplayer! I love ANIME&Cosplay Follow me and I follow you back! Add me if you want to :)) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uzumakixandrex
  • Yon
    South Korea
    Naver blog : http://blog.naver.com/heesue2456 Kakao Story : https://story.kakao.com/heesue2456 Twitter : https://twitter.com/heesue2456 e-mail : heesue2456@naver.com
  • Malaysia
    Hi~I'm Xian Yang,a cosplayer from Malaysia~ 你好~我是来自马来西亚的冼阳~ 请多多指教! facebook:https://www.facebook.com/tokiya.ace weibo:@没错我就是本尊 Instagram:@BE_A_SHEEP
  • Taiwan
    我是攸幻緋月,來自台灣, 主要以自創角為主~ 我的外語能力不好,只能靠翻譯,請多指教~ 感謝各位的關注唷~^ω^ 粉專 https://www.facebook.com/FLAMES73
  • France
    Hello , My name is Benjamin , i have 19 years old i'm French i love food and Music "With great power, comes great irresponsibility. " everyone can speak with me ^^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XFpgYYhEuc http://delta-king.deviantart.com/ http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=12899802
  • Taiwan
    我是依依! 歡迎互相交流哦!
  • China
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    您好,我是愁,是香港人 是機戰愛好者,近日迷上JOJO 除了cos,我亦有畫同人 以後請多多指教 Hello, I come from Hong Kong. I like SRW and JOJO. Nice to meet you. Moreover, please come to play. はじめまして、愁です。 スーパーロボット大戦とジョジョが大好きです! よろしくお願いしましね! すみません、私は日本語下手です もし、失礼なことがございましたら お許しください^^;; また遊びに来てやって下さい♪ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/granzon0 Pixiv.id=466050