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  • United States
    I've been cosplayer for three years. When I first started cosplay it was in the year of 2012 and then I gotten into it more and more. I basically enjoy doing it. I go to Anime Expo, Fanimecon, Anime Conji. Yaicon soon, hopefully. I actually live in San Diego, California. But, the thing didn't have the city so yeah. O(>^W^<)O
  • China
  • Taiwan
    我是悠吉 剛加入cos圈的小菜鳥ww 今後會陸續po圖的 請大家多多指教www
  • France
  • Indonesia
    こんにちは!私は望月 恵 はじめまして! Find me at: - Facebook: - Twitter: よろしくね'3')/
  • Bangladesh
    Hi. im sameer .i love anime ,manga and JAPAN. im totally new to cosplay. i love to make cosplay props. so wish me luck so that i can be a good cosplayer ^-^
  • Mexico
    Hi my name is Adri, but please call me Aoi Tomoya. I´m from Mexico, nice to meet you.
  • Sweden
    I love cosplay but i'm not a cosplayer But sometimes i make some funny things :)
  • Indonesia
    Hello minna san. My name's kika and i'm cosplayer from Indonesia. let's make a good relationship and be a friend. Yoroshiku ^_^ My facebook : My Twitter : My Deviantart : My Curecos : and you can ask me on : Thank you very much ^_^
  • Taiwan
    漫迷、聲控、nico廚 歡迎交朋友這樣:))
  • Liz
    大家好,我是Liz 莉絲 是個新手coser cos齡五個月 出過的角色有賽巴斯欽(崩壞的處女座)跟雪女冰麗 希 如果有哪些做不對的地方 希望大家多多指教
  • Tunisia
  • Brazil
  • Singapore
    Hello! I am a cosplayer from Singapore! 大家好,我是来自新加坡的 Akane Cosplayer,请多多指教! ❀Facebook: ❀Instagram: ❀Twitter: ❀ Cure:
  • Thailand
    Let me intro myself. I'm Parn Panyaphon.