Cosplayfan Girlzz (saga)
United States
hello im saga im 23 years old and i love cosplaying,sadly i
cosplay alone >3< i live in california and man is it hard to find another cosplayer O_O cosplayers are hard to find in CA XD any way sens my face book link is already on hear i dont need to add that so the links ill give is just my deviantart and youtube acounts XD so ya thanks for reading injoy my pics bye
my deviantart:
my youtube:
  • NicknameCosplayfan Girlzz
  • Gender Female
  • CountryUnited States of America
  • Hikari Scarlet
  • Mimiru09fox
  • Saki
  • T-ANON【たみ猫】
  • mikuo hatsune
  • Mabel Garcia
  • Jinx
  • Miyabi Sato
  • Uchihanimex
  • Elizabeth Indoy
  • むつき
  • Karin
  • playful kitten
  • T-ANON【たみ猫】
  • Xinyi
  • siuwing
  • Ichihara Kiseki
  • マロ
  • Yuriy
  • OceansFullMoon
  • ranko
  • 緹依
  • キャラメル
  • Isawa Hiromi
  • 魂
  • こう@RTSノ04いくぞ!