Tousa Bao (Sara)
  • Argentina
    Hi everyone! my name is Eze Lía, i´m a cosplayer from Argentina and i bring to you all my work, hope you enjoy it as much i enjoy doing it. If you like it don´t hesitated and go to my facebook and deviantart pages, you will make me very happy ♥♥♥
  • Indonesia hello i'm cosplayer from bali. yoroshiku ^_^
  • Canada
    hey guys! I'm not a cosplayer, but I love it and support it, so give it your best. (>.<)/
  • Thailand
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  • Japan
    i'm a Japanese cosplayer. Main genre: Uta no☆Prince sama♪ lov Cecil Aijima Archive: 229021
  • Malaysia
    小玄就是我哦,大家多多指教啊~ ((鞠躬 Hi,It's Otonashi-kun, Nice to meet you all~^^ FACEBOOK:
  • Cambodia
    Hello!! everyone ^.^ I'm a Cambodian cosplayer, dancer & guitarist ^3^ hobbies@ watch anime, read manga and play games Facebook@ FB Page@ Nice to meet you all >w<
  • Taiwan
    大家好我是空 喜歡cosplay 希望可以和大家交流 讓自己更進步 帶給大家更好的作品 ********************************************** Hello everyone, I was so ra. I'm from Tainan,Taiwan Like cosplay and we hope that we can exchange. Make themselves more progress to bring you better work. *********************************************** facebook: plurk:
  • Malaysia
    Hi everyone,I'm Rainny.I'm a coser from Malaysia. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! 大家好,我是谦夕雨冰.我是来自马来西亚的coser. 请多多指教! You can follow me on facebook:
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  • Sweden
    Hi~ \(^^)/ I'm Kyaro a cosplayer from Sweden. Nice to meet you guys,thanks for following! ■Facebook: ■twitter: ■Instagram:
  • Taiwan
  • Taiwan
  • rAD
    Hi~!! >w> I'm from the Pearl of the Orient East, Philippines~! I have just recently joined the cosplaying world so I apologize if my cosplays aren't so good as the others here! As of the moment, I am more of a Levi cosplayer right now until I can get my next cosplan~ >w> And most importantly, my photos aren't professional so most of the time, it'd be taken by yours truly~ So I'm sorry for the bad quality of the camera or the repetition of the background because -it'susuallyjustinmyroom-