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    Hi hi! We are a Brazillian Gaming and Cosplay website and we often interview cosplayers from around the world. If you are curious and wants to see who we already interviewed, feel free to take a look: We already have 22 interviews and we're pretty happy with the answers :D I hope you enjoy our interviews and our website as well :D Facebook: Twitter: @unidosgames
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    欢迎关注我的微博 这里cn影子狐,谢谢你肯来看我的主页QAQ My cosplayer's name is 影子狐(ying zi hu),Thank you for coming to see my home page.QAQ My English said is not good,, I felt regarding this was sorry extremely. 私(わたし)は影子狐と申します。フォローしてくれてありがとうございます。QAQ 耻ずかしいですが、日本语はちょっとまずいです。どうぞ、よろしくお愿いします。 I am sorry for my poor English, so please forgive me to talk with you with h ehelp of some tools. すみません、日本语が上手ではないから、顺调に话すことができません。
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    Hello World! :D My name is Keyla and i Love Cosplay! n3n Im Mexican Cosplayer nDn Thanks for your visits and likes :3 that makes me happy :D!, i'll do my best n0n! **Facebook**:
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    Tener confianza da belleza, Incluso contra todo pronóstico El amor es la magia que te mantiene joven ...
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    This is my new accout Hi, My name is Judal From Thailand Thanks for visit. Nice to meet you. Please fav, Thanks <3 My Page on Facebook : Instagram :
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    Just started cosplaying and prop making about a year ago. So im still new and learning with the whole cosplaying thing. Just love meeting other cosplayers and just hanging out with them ^_^
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