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    Hi i'm a brazilian cosplayer and creepypasta affictioned! i'm demigod, selectioner and k-popper! and i like to make friends! follow for more info! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: @SnakeSpider13 Welcome to the family!
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  • Japan
    from Japan! I love Sailor moon,COWBOY BEBOP,GHOST IN THE SHELL,the seven deadly sins,SHOW BY ROCK!!,and more☆ twitter
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  • yun
    輝星(キホシ) ゆンです。 マクロスFが大好き。シェリル愛してます(o˘◡˘o) 最近はラブライブ!とポートレート、創作活動にお熱です。 どうぞよろしくお願い致します。 アーカイブ:126355 ツイッター:@yun081812345 ---------------可能コス-------------- [マクロスF] ●シェリル ●ランカ [ラブライブ!] ⚫︎南ことり [けいおん!] ●平沢唯 ●田井中律 [ラッキードッグ1] ●ベルナルド ●イヴァン [ボーカロイド] ●初音ミク ●GUMI [きらりん☆レボリューション] ●月島きらり [シュガシュガルーン] ●ショコラ・メイユール [天空の城ラピュタ] ●シータ [ガンダムSEED DISTINY] ●ミーア・キャンベル [パンティ&ストッキング] ●ストッキング [うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪] ●一十木音也 [PointFive] ●みーちゃん
  • Taiwan
    plurk: 天空: 微博: Twitter:x88owo88x Cure No.328098 歡迎大家一起來交流!!
  • United States
    I make anime inspired android applications.. Cosplay Applications... MMD - puzzles Anime Art Puzzles I would be glad to work with any artist to help create a photo or art viewer of your own...
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    Profile: Fb:
  • LHS
    Hello, I'm yuki! I'm 15, started cosplay at EOY 2012! Nice to meet you! Let's be friends! ^ ^ Facebook: Instagram; @LittleHauntedStory / @LittleArtStory [ art account ] DeviantArt: Youtube: MemoryDoll Tumblr: @Pencilshake [ personal ] @LittleHauntedStory [ Graphic design ]
  • Japan
    Welcome to my profile^^ I am orann which is active in Japan. I love cosplay too! ARCHIVE:75030 Twitter:rann_ednj ほそぼそと活動しております。 少し懐かしめの作品が好きです^^
  • United States
    Hi.I am an Irish Italian American. I'm 3rd generation to be born in the US from those two countries. I am gunpla builder, youtuber i am still new to cosplay. I manly do gundam, sailor moon, and original characters cosplay. Besides cosplay I am a dog sitter. my wedding was at Wasabicon
  • Germany
    ♥ call me: Nisi ♥ age: 23 years ✄----------------------------------------------- ♥ love: cosplay, sing & decoration ♥ hate: tomatoes! ♥ music: k-pop, j-rock & classic ✄----------------------------------------------- ♥ character: cute, love cute fashion & loving ♥ status: in a relationship ^^ ✄----------------------------------------------- ♥ find me on:
  • Thailand
    Hi! everyone am Jak aka monochromegraphy nice to meet you. am Ex cosplayer now Cosplay Photographer am from Thailand contract my Facebook, Twitter, email contract Email thank you for follow