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    Shaun S. Photography (FACEBOOK) Photographer based in Singapore. Love anime, love cosplay, love photography, love nikon. Uses all nikon gears and fell in love wiht music at a young age. Yorushiku onigaitsumatsu~~~~
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    This page is not updated frequently. ): To see fun stuff about me, do find me on the following platforms! Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram: << you can view more of my cosplays and pictures here!!
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    I am just a cheesecake that love cosplays! :D Pls don't eat me D:
  • Hong Kong
    你好~ 這裡雪乃w 在COSPLAY還是新手一名.. 請大家家多多指點一下~ FB Hi, nice to meet u:3 I'm Yukino from Hong Kong~ I have been cosplaying for about one years only.. I'll keep trying my best to cosplay...hope u will like my photos:33 Here's my FB
  • Viet Nam
    Hello everyone.My name is Rilia and I'm Vietnamese. I like reading manga, watching anime and cosplaying or taking photo. Nice to meet you and so good to make friend with you! ^^ 羊天月/Hitsuji Amatsuki (Japanese)/Yang Tian Yue (Chinese)/Duong Thien Nguyet (Vietnamese)
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  • South Korea
  • Singapore
    Hajimemashite i'm Mitsurei XD <3 hee... my first cos is akira from togainu no chi XD <3 and i'm a cosplayer from Singapore. I hope to improve my cosplay and try my best to look like the character >.< yoroshiku onegaishimasu.^_^ はじめまして僕は三つ零です。XD 初めてのコストプレは咎犬の血のアキラです。<3 僕はシンガポールのコストプレヤです。 それから自分のコストを向上させたいそしてコスのカラを同じように見えるのコスをがんばってます。>。< よろしくおねがいします。^^ (僕の日本語はあんまりじょうずです。上のどこかにちょっとエラがあるの場合はちょっと許してください。>.<) cure:
  • Singapore
    Thank you for supporting my works! >///< FACEBOOK: TWITTER : CURE:
  • Japan
    コスプレ目録: 我妻 由乃 制服 ver (2012 - AFA, EOY) 鹿目 まどか 制服 ver (2013 - CureFest, COSMO, Cosfest 1) 樱 市子 制服 ver (2013 - Cosfest 2) 小泉 花陽 Wonderful Rush ver (2013 - 10, AFA) 鹿目 まどか 水着 ver (2013 - 10) ナイン (FF 零式) (2013 - EOY) 鹿目 まどか 魔法少女 ver (2014 - 映画) 鹿目 まどか 舞妓 ver (2014 - Cosfest 1) 準備中: 鹿目 まどか アルティメットまどか ver
  • Singapore
    Website: Flickr: DA:
  • Singapore
    Hi, I am a cosplay photographer based in Singapore. I enjoy seeing my favourite anime characters come to life as well as doing my best to take photos that best bring out their character. You can also find me on Facebook and deviantART!
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    South Korea
    I love the cosplayer! do you love me?