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リク (RIKU)
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  • Viet Nam
  • Turkey
    Hi^^ I'm Turkish amateur cosplayer. You call me Riri :3 I love so much anime, manga, cosplay and vocaloid!! Please look at my amateur photos *W* My page with my best friend Yoshiro (Shi) Cosplay: Facebook: Deviantart: See you~
  • Taiwan
    朧月狐と申します。 初めまして、皆樣、台湾人です。 コスプレ 一緒に 頑張りましょうね(・∀・)。 どうぞ 宜しく お願いします。 現在はヘタリア中心、少し東方Project。 I'm Oboro tsuki kitsune. I like Axis Powers HETALIAˇˇ I hope to make friend with you^^ 語言:英語、日本語、中国語、ドイツ語→おK P.S:English、Japanese、Chinese、German→Ok Blog(天空)←較易找到本人 Blog(more pictures): Cure: Archive/アーカイブ:
  • China
  • Thailand
  • Thailand
    I am tamhathai This is my new WorldCosplay. name cos Tam . Facebook :
  • China
    cn:薇愫【一个高冷中二病】 主圈APH 微博: 都来成为我的后宫吧哈哈! Cn: Wei Su 【a two in high cold disease】 Main ring APH weibo: All come to be my temple, ha ha!
  • Indonesia
    Hi I'm Rikku...cosplayer and visual kei musician from indonesia start cosplay since 2010 i have a dream to cosplaying all cosplay genre and i'm trying to do Nice cosplay with both female and male characters but now my main interest actually in crossplay (^_^)v Facebook : Email : Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu minna!!!
  • Singapore
    Hello!!I'm Rabbit Prince but my friends also refer me as Cygnus but feel free to call me rabbit too!!(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ -- never cosplayed befoee but willimg too (just no money) -- 14/he/him pronouns/♑♒/very smol
  • China
  • Malaysia
    大家好这里是毛豆 19 槟城 目前还不是coser 但迟早会 多多指教 超喜欢 各位的神 cos <3 www facebook: instagram:TEEAN525 这些coser 我只是分享而已别误会
  • China
    heyhey APH同好會xx! 請多關照
  • Philippines
  • Taiwan
    masa本命❤歌王子持續愛好中//// 交流歡迎^w^!!! Weibo:
  • Taiwan
    愛動漫不需要理由,帥哥早已攻陷我的身心,BL賽高~~~////w///// 這裡是凜夜,剛入C圈不久,希望大家可以喜歡我的照片,也謝謝大家不嫌棄有很多缺點的我 歡迎大家給我一些建議可以讓我改進 謝謝各位的讚讚跟關注>///< hello, here is Rinya, I'm new to cosplay, wish you guys can like my pictures, and thank you guys like me even though I have so many defect. Feel free to leave some feedback thank you you guys likes and follows >///< Facebook Page: Ask: