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    Soy Cosplayer de la Ciudad de Bogotá,Colombia. Amo el Cosplay,pues para mi es arte Soy uno de los creadores y organizadores de la MARCHA COSPLAY BOGOTÁ, cuyo objetivo es impulsar el Cosplay en Bogotá y en Colombia. I am Cosplayer of Bogotá, Colombia. I love Cosplay, therefore is art for me I am one of the founders and organizers of the MARCHA COSPLAY BOGOTA, which aims to promote the Cosplay in Bogota and Colombia.
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    本家 :http://blog.yam.com/user/applemilk42.html FB :https://www.facebook.com/bean.allenbean AMPLE :0000005807
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    I'm a Gastronomy Student :D and I Cosplay ONLY for FUN! My DA: http://sweetbloodheart.deviantart.com/ My Blog: http://sweetheartcosplay.blogspot.mx/ My Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SweetHeartCos I'm friendly, I won't bite you ^^~ :D
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    Heeey! My name is Katerina and I am from Russia. My first cosplay was Kagura from Gintama, I realy like russian, japanese and chinese cosplay. Welcooome~ . . . My . . . Instagram : symmetrical_saino Twitter : makurme_saino FB : Katerina Makurme
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    DeviantArt: http://allen-jiyu.deviantart.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/AllenJiyu VK: http://vk.com/id136665616 Skype: AllenJiyu CureCos: http://en.curecos.com/profile/?ch=284083
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    ♡ 【Deviantart】- aoshiniko ♡ 【CureCos】- ch=291359 ♡ 【Vkontakte】- id118930786 ♡ 【Twitter】- AoShiNiKO ♡ 【Skype】- Aoshiniko ♡ 【Facebook】- aoshiniko
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    江湖俠士隱姓埋名 小小微塵何足掛齒
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    Nice to meet youヾ(o・ω・o)シ I'm a Taiwanese coser Like VOCALOID,MAGI,REBORN!,刀剣乱舞 Thank for your watchingヽ•´з`•ノ♬ ☆PLURK : http://www.plurk.com/akiaki0 ☆FB : https://www.facebook.com/akiaki0