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  • tkd
    welcome Please feel free to have a look 【archive】 【cure】 【Twitter】
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    私は樹鹿です 私の日本語があまり上手ではないで、まだ勉強中 ◆ジョジョ◆ ◆ドロヘドロ◆ ◆BLAME◆ ◆ABARA◆ ◆ZETMAN◆ --------------- ■CURE■ No. 341056 ---------------
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    Thank you! 【】 【】
  • South Korea
    Contact)Twitter: facebook: instagram: sansin_ e-mail: My partner Jindoc:
  • China
    *weibo: *lofter: Just a player Hope you love my works ^^
  • Japan
    Hell. My name is hiko . I'm Japanese cosplayer.
  • China
    最近スポーツ夢中 (*´﹃`*) ❤黒バス 赤司・花宮・灰崎 赤黒・木花 ❤弱ペダ 真波・御堂筋・悠人 真東・石御・新開兄弟・T2 ❤◇A   栄純・降谷 若菜 降沢 ❤テリプリ 立海中心 赤也・柳・幸村 柳赤 ここで新しいアップはスポーツしかない (๑°⌓°๑) ホカ:
  • Russia
    Hello!^33^ I'm Dasha, my nick - Torati. I live in Russia and cosplay is my hobby for quite a long time already. Moreover I am fond of drawing and taking photos. ~ ಠ3ಠ
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  • Japan
    ※if you offer or message to me please send in Japanese or people who can understand Japanese. I’m so glad for your action. Web>> Cure>> LayerCroud>> Archive>>
  • Japan
    twitter: :)follow me♡
  • Singapore
    COSER from Singapore ヾ( ゚▽゚ )♪ Nice to meet you ♥ BL/ラッキードッグ1/FATE/N+C/黒子のバスケ/POT/PP/弱虫ペダル/HQ [Facebook] [ARCHIVE] [Blog] [Flickr]
  • South Korea
    [Nickname] TASHA [Birthday] May 12th [Email] [Webpage] Hello, I'm Tasha of the Spiral Cats cosplay team. A word to anyone who might be confused since there is already an ID named 'Spcats Tasha' on WorldCosplay. 'Spcats Tasha' is NOT my account and I am not associated with whoever is managing it. Have a very nice day everyone!
  • Hong Kong
    這裏銀心 在2011年11月開始出cos~ 外在内心也是叔叔== 有強烈的正太依頼症WWWWW facebook: facebook page: AMPLE: 微博: ask: