Jayden Champ Okageo (okageo)
  • Finland
    Hi everyone! I'm Maria and I live in finland. I love anime, manga and especially video games. Here are few of my favorites that u might see some cosplays in the future: Magi the labyrinth of magic One Piece League of legends I'll update this when time comes ;)
  • Thailand
  • Bolivia
  • Spain
    I'm Yraiko, a cosplayer from Spain and a Ravenclaw. My hobbies include reading manga, watching anime, tv series and super hero movies in general. I am also a fantasy literature lover and I am especially a huge Tolkien nerd. Currently studying English and Japanese. Nice to meet you! Luck in the Shadows. こんにちわ イライコです. スペインから来ます。コスプレが大好きですよ、しゅみは本を読みますし、アニメを見ますし、歌を歌います。 英語と日本語勉強しています。 よろしくおねがいします!!!
  • Brazil
    "a good cosplayer is not one that has several titles , but one with more humility" olá amigos,me chamo matheus jucá,faço cosplay a 5 anos,Brasileiro,e sou apaixonado por esse hobbye **https://www.facebook.com/matheusjuc
  • China
  • Canada
    FR / EN Bienvenue à toute et à tous, je suis un cosplayer habitant au Québec, j'aimerais partager mes creations, ma passions et mes projets avec vous ! et j'adore le Yaoi XD Welcome to all, I am a cosplayer living in Quebec, I would like to share my creations, my passions and my projects with you! I LOVE THE YAOI !!!!!!!! XD
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  • United States
  • Colombia
    Hello! (^.^) I am a cosplayer from Colombia (It's in south america^^) I'am a cosplayer just for fun :) I like anime series and classic videogames like Pac-Man, Crash, Mario, The Legend of Zelda...... Most of my photos are casually taken on anime events we've here in Colombia, and they're not edited, I like it like that XD
  • Thailand
    Hello!! everyone I'm Bambie (My namecos Kurobies) Form Thailand Thank You for follow me^^
  • Lithuania
    Yo, I'm Birdy and I'm a noob cosplayer from Vilnius, Lithuania. Come to the dark side, we have coffee and Deadpool~ * my insta page: https://www.instagram.com/b.i.r.d.y_/
  • United States
    Hi! Cosplayer from currenly living in Los Angeles! Thank you for likes and follow <3 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thegrumpyfoxi/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=734847967 Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/thegrumpyfoxi E-Mail: thegrumpyfoxi@gmail.com
  • South Africa
    Hi :) I am a South African cosplayer. My main goal is just to have as much fun as possible and cosplay characters that will allow me to do so:) You can also find me on facebook, to see all my progress pictures https://www.facebook.com/catstailcosplay/?ref=bookmarks
  • Germany
    Hi ^^ my name is mimi and im Cosplayer since 2004 ♥ My english is not good, but i hope sombody contact me :D follow me: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mimiemotionmeow/ Deviantart: http://mimiemotion.deviantart.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MimiEmotion-Cosplay-Page-233690249979125/
  • Mexico