Nina Leona Puma (Nina Ferrari)
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    Hi, I'm Eduarda! I'm 22 years old beginner cosplayer from Brazil :3 I love anime, manga, k-pop and I play league of legends. My page on facebook: Instagram: Dryad3_
  • South Korea
    Gyeonggi International Cosplay Festival!!! July. 22(Sat) ~ 23(Sun), 2017 at Korea Manhwa Museum (Giljuro 1, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do) The first and largest international cosplay event in South Korea, organized by Bucheon International Comics Festival (Bicof) For any questions, please contact
  • Chile
    Chilean cosplayer~gamer~i love re And Haunting ground~paranormal things~evanescence~kpop 🌘⭐. So...welcome to my world cosplay ❤. Pages: ➡ ➡ ➡ 🌘My personal account🌒➡ (If u cant add me send me a message And i add u 😊)
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    Hello! My name is Aletha. I am a brazilian cosplayer. Follow me if you like my photos ♥ Fanpage:
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    Hi! I'm Vy, you call me Vy Su :"> FB: IG: Twitter:
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    Hi! I'm Gem from Italy. I like drawing and cosplaying. My main accounts are FACEBOOK TUMBLR TWITTER DEVIANTART
  • United States
    Hi.I am an Irish Italian American. I'm 3rd generation to be born in the US from those two countries. I am gunpla builder, youtuber i am still new to cosplay. I manly do gundam, sailor moon, and original characters cosplay. Besides cosplay I am a dog sitter. my wedding was at Wasabicon
  • Brazil
    Oi, eu sou o Felipe Petrelli e sou cosplayer desde 2004 :D. ficava parando e voltando, mas agora to firme e postarei fotos dos cosplays que uso a partir desse ano (2017) :]
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