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    Artist // Sculptor // Photographer // Cosplayer // Singer // Utaite Owner of Moonlight Studio Concept Cuộc sống này thật vui khi là wibu~~~ Cosplaying since 2010 ***Follow me on (Instagram, Facebook, Deviantart) 💖 Buy me black coffee 💖
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    Hi everyone, welcome to my cosplay profile. I love to cosplay The Monkey King from Journey to the West. It is one of my favorite character of all. I have cosplayed 5 different version of The Monkey and I am looking forward to make and cosplay the 6th Monkey King Cosplay in 2020. This is my cosplay page on Facebook. Hope you like my page. ^_^ And my INSTAGRAM is: CharlesAwesomeCosplay
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    こんにちは、コスプレ大好きmaisです! コスプレ普及が生き甲斐! Hello Everyone Cosplay is big, big, favorite man cosplayer mais! I would like to interact with people who like animation, games, cosplay a lot. Thank you very much. The more people enjoying cosplay, the more important is life! ! ! 【Cosplay classroom website】 【YouTube】 【Cosplay Year's Archive】 【Twitter】 @mais418
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    影をのみ御手洗川のつれなきに 身の忧きほどぞいとど知らるる ——六条御息所《源氏物语》
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    Miccostumesへようこそ!気軽にフォーローどうぞ! 好きなコスプレやアニメなどをシェアします。 FB☛Miccostumes Japan FB☛MiccostumesCosplayShop INS☛miccostumes サイト☛ 当社が創立以来、全世界のコスプレイヤーに向けて、ほとんどの国に出荷できます。Miccostumeは種類多い高品質で安いコスプレアクセサリーが持って、コスチューム、コスプレかつら、靴、鎧、武器などが販売します。たくさん選択があって、無料資源の利用も可能です。当社の商品は、こちらのプロチームが開発して、手作って撮影して出来上がるものです。高品質なコスプレコスチュームが売り、アニメ衣装、かつら、コスプレアクセサリー、ロリータドレスやコスプレの靴などがあります。
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    Hi! I'm Miroru~n, a Vietnamese potato's here seeking for friends and attention (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚ !! I'm fine with using either Vietnamese, English or Japanese. Feel free to pm me and have a chat anytime (。>‿‿<。 )
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    Someone who loves to capture Cosplay Photos !! :D You can find me on: Facebook : Facebook Page : Instagram : Hope you guys love my works !! Arigato :)) 你好!!我是Jowen !! 我很喜欢拍Cosplay的照片!!我还是新手!!请大家多多指教哦 !! 希望你们会喜欢我的作品 !! 谢谢大家 :))
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    Hola... soy Dahian,estoy empezando el cosplay.... es un arte nuevo para mi interpretar a los personajes que más me gustan.. espero que les guste. Hello ... I'm Dahian, I'm starting the cosplay .... is a new art for my play the characters I like .. hope you like it. remember: SUCCESS begins with the WILL!
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    Konnichiwa !! I've been a cosplayer since 2017, but I'm far from being a professional, it's a hobby that I love a lot and I hope to improve even more! I'm a designer, see my work on facebook! Work-Facebook page~ Facebook page: Instagram:
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