Trafalgar Donquixote (Traf)
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  • China
    【weibo】 (madao_REIKO ) 【lofter】
  • Russia
    Hey!my name is Evgenia. I am a cosplayer from Moscow.. my twitter: facebook: my deviantart My instagram
  • Russia
    Facebook: Deviantart: Instagram: Vasiliel Tumblr:
  • Ukraine
    Hi) I'm cosplayer and cosplay-photoographer from Ukraine-Kiev. I hope you like my works (´。• ω •。`) Please, check more my pages : ( ・ω・)☞ VK: ( ・ω・)☞ DeviantArt: ( ・ω・)☞ Instagram: ( ・ω・)☞ Facebook: ( ・ω・)☞ Facebook cosplay page: ( ・ω・)☞ Mail:
  • Japan
    Hello. I am Yuuna. Japanese cosplayers. Twitter: ARCHIVE:
  • Russia
    All nice day! I am a cosplayer from Russia. And my name is Redze-Sama ^_^ My contacts: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • Germany
    Hello everyone, my name is Mizuki.(Height:1.48 XD) I hope you like my Cosplays :3 When you have a question so dont be shy and mail me <3 Mizuki like my page and follow me on Facebook: Twitter: when you like.
  • Ukraine
    Hello guys! My name is Bellatrix Aiden. And I'm a cosplayer from Ukraine. I would like to make some international friends <3 U can find me also here: Also we can communicate through:!/BellatrixAiden
  • Hong Kong
    Hello this is 羚. I am from Hong Kong but spending most of my time in England. Hope you like my cosplay! よろしくお願いします。 Twitter(日本語集中) @marsupialis18 Facebook(中文集中): ASK:
  • Italy
    Hello evreryone ^^/ i'm a cosplayer from seven year, i love create my cosplays better i can do. If you want fallow me, you can do it on : facebook: (personal profile) instagram: deviantart:
  • aki
    Hello everyone, I come from China My favourite is Kantai Collection & 刀剣乱舞-ONLINE- My e-mail is ❥ WEIBO ❥ CURE No.336580 ❥ QQ fan club number:419883052
  • Brazil
    Hello guys. I'd like to share with you my little hobby and I hope you like it. (◕‿◕✿)
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