Trafalgar Donquixote (Traf)
  • Malaysia
    Hi everyone!!! My name is Pearlyn ^_^. I'm not a cosplayer but soon I will become cosplayer too XD (just hope that the day will come sooner ><). I can speak Chinese , English n Malay. So, thanks everyone who follow me Love u guys!!! >< 大家好~我是銀蠍(Pearlyn)。 很高兴能够认识很多位coser~ 希望以后我能够变成cos圈的一份子~ 所以日后也请多多指教了^^ *新的目标:希望今年能够拿到很多个奖牌~
  • France
  • China
    Hi this is LaLa( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)✧ Thanks for your visit( ´艸`)ヾ -------------- -SinaWeibo- -Pixiv- (without updating for longtime _(:3」∠)_)
  • Russia
    Hello dear friends! My name is SergeyMau. В каждом человеке я вижу что-то особенное, и передаю это своим мастерством, как художник,как скульптор, выражая это в своих фотографиях. У меня нет этой рафинированности образов, вычурности, желания доказать миру,что я не такой как все. Я просто делаю как вижу
  • Viet Nam
  • United States
  • Japan
    朱唯(シュイ)です。気まぐれに登録しました。 乙女ゲームが中心
  • China
  • China
  • Chile
    Hola, soy Meyko, una cosplayer casual e improvisada. Me gusta el maquillaje y creo que ésto es lo primordial para una buena caracterización. No me gusta usar lentes de contacto y espero que eso no les impida apreciar mi trabajo. De antemano ¡llevémonos bien! :)
  • Spain
    Hii !!!! I'm Marina and I'm a spanish cosplayer since March 2015. [INSTAGRAM] [DeviantART] [TWITTER] [FACEBOOK PAGE]
  • Thailand
    Hello! I'm Ai cosplayer from Thailand Thx for Watching my work.
  • Russia
    My name is Tenevi Hagane but you can call me Ten. I'm russian cosplayer and also the leader of the cosband "VixenS". And I'm glad to be here)) Please feel free to look around)
  • Brazil
    "a good cosplayer is not one that has several titles , but one with more humility" olá amigos,me chamo matheus jucá,faço cosplay a 5 anos,Brasileiro,e sou apaixonado por esse hobbye **
  • Russia
    Hi everyone^^ My name is Danny, i`m from Russia.
  • Aki
    Hi we are Tsuneko Cos, a group of 3 girls that started cosplaying in 2013. About the members of our Group... 1st: Akira -> she is the leader of our group and managed most of the sozial media pages (Insta: Aki_ouji) 2nd: Hime -> she keeps the group together and always holds us back when we get to crazy 3rd: Momo -> She is the youngest of us but has the biggest talent in Drawing and Make up. She is kind of shy but cute (Insta: Momobabydoll) hope to meet a lot of new friends (^w^)