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    Hi, i'm Arliette, i' m from Santiago of Chile, and i'm cosplayer for fun. I' m Graphic Designer too, a fandubber (I'm trying) and i love to create every cosplay that i used. Nice to meet you everyone :) ______________________________________________________ ~ Facebook ~ ~ Instagram ~ ~ Soundcloud ~
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    Final Fantasy lover
  • United States
    Hi Everyone. This is Kuro Tsuki!I am a Northwest cosplayer in the states. Let us have fun cosplaying together~ Instagram: kurotsuki_cos
  • China
    Hello!❤️This is a Chinese coser. Thank you for your encouragement. I will do my best to cos every role. 😷泥嚎 👤【搬运工一只,所有作品权归小柔SeeU所有 这里并不是本人🌸授权转载】希望大家多多支持小柔🙌🏻 Weibo blog;
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    Hi! everybody ^v^ I'm Fon also call shutter, Cosplayer from Thailand. hope you'll like my cosplay. : FB (feel free to follow :3 ) :: : FB Fanpage (group) ::
  • Japan
    Cure WorldCosplayの管理人。世界コスプレサミット・チャンピオンシップ審査員。CureCosplayCollection運営事務局長。コスコスプレプレのご意見番。現役GGIレイヤー。 FB Weibo コスコスプレプレ -------- Hi,I'm Tatsumi. Nice to meet you^^ I'm director of the Cure & WorldCosplay And,Judge of the WCS championship. I direct a fashion show of Cosplay in Japan. I like cosplay!! I hope look some cosplay photos.
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    *⑅︎୨୧┈︎┈︎┈︎┈︎┈︎┈︎┈┈︎┈︎┈︎┈︎┈︎୨୧⑅︎* Nice to meet you. I'm hayu in Japanese cosplayer. Please call me hayu♡ I hope you like my cosplay Photos! Feel free to follow and comment:) Thank you for reading a profile. «like» Attack on titan Tokyo Ghoul Black Butler Free! *⑅︎୨୧┈︎┈︎┈︎┈︎┈︎┈︎┈┈︎┈︎┈︎┈︎┈︎୨୧⑅︎*
  • Brazil
    Hello! I'm a brazillian cosplayer! And Seiyuu otaku! ☆ Nice to meet you~ ************************************** もす!ブラジルからのコスプレイヤーです! とくに声優オタクです!☆ 最近BL小説にハマっています。 (DEADLOCK最高) >u<d ほとんど男子キャラが好きなのに男性感が出ないのが悔しいです。まぁ、それでも楽しくやってます! よろしく~ Twitter:
  • Hong Kong
    HongKong_Photographer #Sony #Cosplay #Portrait #Landscape #JK #スク水 #メイド #旗袍 長期招 穹妹、黑貓、小鳩,歡迎勾搭約拍ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ 別に写真が好きなわけても何でもない... ただ 次の瞬間が僕が死んても  とっだものは確実(ここ)に残る Facebook Page :
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    Welcome to my wall(ӦvӦ。) My name is Kiyoshi, a Hong Kong cosplayer(*´∀`)~ Hope you will like my cosplay (*´ω`*) If you want to communicate with me, you can add my facebook: instagram: こんにちは(≧∀≦) あたしはきよし,香港のコスプレイヤーです(灬ºωº灬) どうぞよろしくお願いします(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ きよしの友達になりたい場合は,これはきよしのツイッター:
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  • Viet Nam
  • Finland
    Mostly following other cosplayers, since I'm not anywhere near a pro myself. :) Next conventions: In Finland - Animecon 9.–10.7 Tracon 3.–4.9 Many sports' gays to come, and a few other things such as Nanatsu no Taizai, Aoharu X Kikanjuu and Lamento ~Beyond the Void~. My pages:
  • Philippines
    Rei Ruru from Philippines.. so.. YEAH \m/ I'm a beginner, so some of my cosplays are fail BUT I will do my best to improve it ^^ Facebook: Instagram: