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방울랑이 (Brandon Lee)
South Korea
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birth date : 1994/08/05

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My site (블로그)
제 블로그 입니다^^ 서이신청 환영해요
신청하실때 안부게시판에 간단한 자기소게 부탁드려요
This is my site(blog) but it's in korean and most of the writings show to only to my blog neighbors but if you know korean and how to use naver blog then it's ok to be a neighbor

안녕하세요 동방을 너무 좋아해서 남자임에도 불구하고 동방 코스를 하고 있습니다
I love touhou so much that I cosplay touhou caracter even if I'm a male
  • Nickname방울랑이
  • Gender Male
  • Country대한민국
  • Po Pe Pong
  • cocozam
  • Little Story
  • Aoi H.
  • Natsuki
  • にこ妮可
  • LinliI
  • LAKI B
  • 曉熙
  • Broccoli
  • 秋蝉蘑菇子
  • Pantufla
  • Jami
  • Devin Green
  • Nadaviana
  • pawita
  • Espencer
  • 蜜柑
  • Sailasus
  • 青木
  • Martina V. Bove
  • Dany
  •  マルケス ヨナタン
  • Yuffi
  • Beister/MAB
  • Chanh Tra