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  • United States
  • Japan
    私は日本のコスプレイヤーです。私は無双シリーズが大好きです。週刊少年ジャンプも好きです。 I am a cosplayer in Japan. I love the Warriors series. I like also Weekly Shonen Jump. 我是一個在日本COSPLAYER。我愛勇士系列。我也喜歡周刊少年Jump。 Cure: Archive:
  • Taiwan
  • Malaysia
    来自malaysia的受 有爱就该争取~ facebook:
  • Brazil
    Hello everyone! I'm just a humble Brazilian cosplayer who just wants to have fun and entertain all who enjoy this hobby so beautiful! ^ ^ My Profiles and Pages: * * * * *
  • Brazil
    A profile by means of knowledge of talent *-* I am one person who likes to spread cosplayer from other countries to Brazil! For those who know me, you know my work. Feel so honored. My page:
  • Italy
    Cosplayer Name : Shanìì Age : 19 Country : Italy Hi ^^ I'm Giulia (Shanii as Cosplayer) and I'm an Italian girl...nice to meet you !! I've been Cosplayer since 2008, I did a lot of characters, but I'm not a senior XD Cosplay isn't only hobby for me, but a kind of lifestyle, so please, follow me ^^ Thnx, P.S. I have another account here, but I can't login in it because of many other words, this is My NEW ACCOUNT/PROFILE ;) See you guys...or Cosplayers !!
  • Taiwan
    yam: plurk: ask: --- 【廚物ya】 。廢怯少女まどか☆マギカ \廢怯即為我生命 我生命即為廢怯/ \杏さや永遠新婚中/ \君の銀の庭 淚無止盡/ 。WJ廚。首席→NARUTO→ONE PIECE→HQ \第七小隊。MY。True。Love。/ \NARUTO愛的家庭不是虐。是愛。/ \發現ト結尾都我愛人/ 。歌姬系列廚不停:AKB48/MF/LL! \優叔推/ \蘭卡我天使/ \妮可媽咪的超可愛/ --- 近況*→我已經和岸本說 你度完蜜月後鳴人就要娶我 #誰可以幫我買11/10的JUMP啊!!!廢怯偽街的孩子們大缺快來一起丟番茄哇QAQ#← --- 。近期拍攝預定 私* (場)↓ (KDF) 廢怯少女まどか☆マギカ *Love Live! (FFK D1) Naruto-ナルト- (WS D1) Love Live! (D2) Naruto-ナルト-
  • Paraguay
    Hola soy Bell, una cosplayer de Paraguay ^^ Estoy como hace 4 años en este hermoso pasatiempo que es el cosplay y desde esa vez amo el cosplay,crossplay, Makeup y todo lo relacionado ^^ Creo que el cosplay es un pasatiempo divertido,sano y que te lleva a conocer gente maravillosa que comparte tus mismos gustos ^^... espero que mi trabajo sea de su agrado ^^ Mi Pagina en facebook Mi twitter
  • Russia
    Hi! I'm Tami Love cosplay,music, PUCCA and funny life XD my profiles:
  • Australia
    Hello :3 My name is Amber and I am from Australia. Please excuse me if I seem like I don't know what im on about on this site, I new :p Hope we can be friends, Im a cosplayer lover, love anime obviously :p My favourite cosplay is Maka from Soul Eater, but I have heaps more to show and have heaps im planning on doing. Yeah but hope we can all be friends, I love making new friends <3 Hope youll like my cosplays because you all look so cool >///< im jealous.
  • Viet Nam
  • Mexico
    Hi I'm April, took 7 years doing cosplay, hope you like my cosplays
  • Pakistan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Myanmar
    Hello... My name is Mitono Yasaki I am a cosplayer from Myanmar Nice to meet you :)