José Maruseru (maruseru)
  • China
    你好,我是蓝子来自中国浙江,热爱COSPLAY,希望和朋友们分享更多的作品和心得。O(∩_∩)O Hello! I'm lucy (Chinese ID name is "lan zi" ) form ZheJiang ,China.I love cosplay very much. I like to take my photos and experience to share with you. 我喜欢做手工,尽已所能自制道具和假发,并且喜欢动手加工素服等。>///////< I like "DIY".I often do my best to make the props and wig by myself.And I like processing clothing.
  • Nek
    I am from Russia. I make cosplay costumes, wigs and make-up.I love being on stage and photographed WCS team Russia 2014 and 2014 champion of World Cosplay Summit Support my work on Patreon DA Facebook Instagram
  • Japan
    閲覧ありがとうございます。ヒカルです。 戦闘系アニメが大好き!コスも戦闘ものが多いです。 やりたいジャンルをやりたいときに!派です。 最近、アクションの勉強を始めました。 コスプレしてアクションしてる動画を上げたりしていますので、良かったらアーカイブやtwitterに観に来て下さいね。 戦闘系コスプレパフォーマー目指して頑張ります(๑ゝω・ิ)ノ☆゚+. Thank you for viewing! My name is Hikaru. Let's enjoy cosplay! Archive twitter COSCREW
  • Mexico
    Hello! I'm Mexican from Tijuana Baja California. I just started as a cosplayer and making props which is a lot of fun! I'm CEO & founder of RGA Gamer youtube channel that started back in August 2015 after having the privilege of attending E3 2015 and this is when all of this started. I really hope you like my work, follow me. Thank you! Facebook: Intagram: Patreon:
  • Brazil
    I'm a nice girl, sweet and very friendly I do cosplay des 2011, but the officers were the same in 2014 I'm new in the area and I most love to do, is the Anzu Mazaki (yugioh) I love her and I admire much, especially when this side of Yugi yami <3 the Shippos much! but I love to others as well, I'm still at the beginning, but I want to show all my work * - * Well .... this so I> < Attention: cosplayers are not good kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  • Brazil
    Hello everyone, and welcome to my account! I'm Jess and I'm a cosplayer since 2013. I still have lots to learn and I'm slowly trying to make my own props, so I hope you support me! You can find me in these accounts: Ko-Fi: Facebook: Instagram: Cosplayers Global: Thank you for your visit (o´ω`o)ノ
  • Brazil
    Yay! I am someone who loves the art of cosplay. I hope you enjoy my content. It is always a hard work (I really try xD), hard but precious and fun. I'm cosplaying since 2012. Nice to meet you. If you want to know more about me, add me on facebook, there I am Lays M. Medeiros.
  • Germany
    Hey, My Name is Jojo but my friend from the Cosplayscene call me Miku or other...ever like the character I cosplay :3 I live in Germany and go to school... I love it to´s my life... and I hope you will like my costumes =) Many costumes are selfmade...with many love I give ever 100%! Stalk me on: Facebook: Animexx:
  • Thailand
    Hi everyone!! I'm Seika. fanpage : nice to meet you!!
  • United States
    Russian born, Florida based! Next Con: AWA 2017 Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Tumblr:
  • Taiwan
    ► ♦PATREON : ♦Officail web: ♦Photobook sale ------------------------------------------------------------------ ►Contact: ► ► ► ►
  • Russia
    Hi, I'm Molza, cosplayer from Russia currently living in Cyprus! Please check my other pages :3 ★ Enjoying my cosplay? Buy me a cup of coffee! <3 Ko-Fi: ☆ Inst ☆ ETSY store ☆ FB ☆ DeviArt ☆ VK Love!
  • Japan
    Hi, this account is made by Non's fans, so it's not Non SummerJack own personal Worldcos. This account is created to share out Non's cosplay with others~ :) Facebook page:
  • Brazil
    Hi! I'm candy, cosplayer since 2009 and totally in love with this universe. ♥ My page: Instagram: @candyavalliere Twitter: @candyvalliere
  • Mexico
    Hi~ here Shieru Yakira~! I am a Mexican cosplayer who found in cosplay, best hobby of all. It's too fun and entertaining process to bring to life your favorite character in the anime or anime world. I invite you to see the costumes that I've done for love of art and these characters ^u^~ Instagram: Facebook: FB Cosplay: Ciel Ducraine
  • Japan
    現在台湾で活動している日本人コスプレイヤーXUXU(しゅしゅ)です! 大家好!我是日本人coser的XUXU!請多多指教XD xuxu網站=》 xuxu天空=》 xuxuPlurk=》