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    大家豪~~(*´∀`)~♥我是來自台灣的夏穗!!! 也可以叫我小夏W 雖然好像進COS坑挺久的但依舊是小弱弱一隻XD 多多指教拉(ノ∀`*)←
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    im from Scotland, United Kingdom i love photography and cosplay just contact me but sadly i can only do photo shoots in the Glasgow area Instagram: Eri_fantom13 Facebook: Eri Fantomive cosplay and photography
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    Hello I'm Kagi. I'm a cosplayer from germany. I made my first costume in 2008 but since 2010 cosplay is my passion. I hope you like my works. Thank you for visiting my page
  • Brazil
    Hi, I'm Xiko Lee and I'm cosplay since 2011 with my girlfriend Leh-chan
  • Viet Nam
    Hi everybody! I'm Ryo, you can call me Yuki, 小雪, 飛燕. I can speak English and Japanese (not as good as Vietnamese though) Please support me and my cosplay projects in the future. はじめまして! 私はRyoと申します。他のニックネームが雪・小雪・飛燕です。  英語と日本語ができます。 コスプレが好きで、コスプレのプロジェクトも多いですが恥ずかしい女性で、自信があまりないので、写真を撮ることが、、、うん、下手ですね。しかし、改善できるように頑張ります。 私のプロジェクトをサポートしていただければ、幸せです。 よろしくお願いします。
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    Hello! I love arts, cosplay, dolls, violin, and Mio Akiyama lol. Cosplaying since Sunday, August 28 2011 Nice to meet you I would like to have a new friends~ [Curecos] [] [Facebook] [Instagram] @crimston_c
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    Hi: 3 I am Russian cosplayer, fan llsif.
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    Servus! My name is Kaddo and I'm from Bavaria in Germany. I'm passionate about Pandora Hearts (LOVE OF MY LIFE!) and other series too! I love to went to Conventions and meet new people <3 contact me anytime! [FB] [AX] [DA] [ML] have a nice day!!
  • Thailand
    Hallo !! みんなさん  僕は "シ-ド" ですよ (^o^)/~~~ タイ人です. I'm Shiido , Cosplayer from Thailand (≧∪≦☆) I'm boy not girls (。`・Д・) I'm ready to meet cosplayer friends . Thank you よろしくお願いします.ヾ(>∀<☆ヾ) ***************************** FB Page :
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