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    Hello World~! I'm a chubby little girl who loves to read, write fanfictions and blogs, watch anime, play a variety of games, started cosplaying October 2016 and eat chocolates~! Nice to mee ya~! <3 ^_^
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    UAE Cosplayer (\'w'/) Love anime and cosplaying Easy going, energetic , bubbly words that describe me
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    Hello! ~~~ I'm a Singaporean coser, Fujiwara Takumi ^^
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    Hi~!! I'm KK 16 malaysian 新手cosplayer I'm waiting for CF2018.所以在那之前,我会好好练习的.See you there~<3
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    o( =•ω•= )o Joyusakiと申します。 √職業は American Curl&Devon Rex Breeder. √中文・English・日本語・한국어   80% ♂キャラ 20% ♀キャラ ❤赤井秀一に中毒中... ❤赤安・名探偵コナン(all CP) ❤海贼王・ジョジョ・HunterXHunter ❤美靑年・黒肌・御姉 一緒に頑張っろう!(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ Site: ♣Instagram:https://instagram.com/joyusaki/ ♣Twitter:https://twitter.com/joyusaki ♣Weibo:http://www.weibo.com/cece0621 ♣Lofter:http://joyusaki.lofter.com/ ♣半次元: http://bcy.net/u/768919 ♣Devi: http://joyusaki.deviantart.com/ ♣1602275835@qq.com Cosplay since 2004.
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    Hello!! everyone I'm Bambies(My namecos Kurobies) 16 years old Form Thailand Thank You for follow me^^
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