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    ~Welcome I'm French (& Swiss) cosplayer. My passion are video game and manga/anime and I like make cosplay for fun ! ^_^ Cosplay is a wonderful art ! <3 Thanks for your "like" and your visit. ^_^ My Facebook page : Twitter : Love : Samurai Warriors / Dynasty Warriors / Disgaea / Toukiden / Fire Emblem / Super Smash Bros / Pokemon <3
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    Cn:凪 髑髏(Nagi Dokuro) REBORN! | VOCALOID | VOCALOID CHINA | Love Live | 全職高手 Facebook page:
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    Hi! I'm Princess Karin, a cosplayer from Malaysia! (^0^) I'm a huge fan of Vocaloid, Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors & Warriors Orochi! Here's what I cosplay so far Guan Yinping (關銀屏) ~ DW8 Hatsune Miku ~ Vocaloid Yoshino ~ Date A Live Xun Yu (荀彧) ~ DW8E Li Xia (黎霞) ~ DW Eiketsuden (Coming soon) Kotori Minami ~ Love Live! (Coming soon) Nozomi Tojo ~ Love Live! (Coming soon) Nico Yazawa ~ Love Live! (Coming soon)
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    I'm an Norwegian girl who wants to find cosplayfriends all over the world. I would love too have you as my friend! <----- find me here and like if you like my cosplays, been cosplaying since 2008-09. <--- I do some covers and am going to try and do more cosplay related, please like, comment and share with people! my drawings and more, :D
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    Hello mina~ \(*O*)/ welcome to my profile Hi! Everyone Im angeli but you can call me Yukiko-chan or Pon~chii ... I love anime , cosplaying, and drawing. I like sweets xD and love to make new Friends (*w*)/) Please feel free to chat, message or add me on Fb , hope you guys like my cosplays :3 Dont get fooled by my face because I Age trolled everyone XD no literally I am 20 ,my face just look like loli in a age 16 XD
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    PHOTOGRAPHER Visit my other pages
  • China
    Hi ! My name is 8000, I'm cosplayer from China. I start cosplaying in 1998,Generally speaking,I will choose Uncle type character. I usually only go to the cartoon and comics show live。 I have little photographic works。
  • Philippines
    i love cosplaying the most when i do it together with my friends and having fun during the events, photoshoots, or cos-trips (^_^)v plainly, i love goofing around and messing with my friends (^_^)v i just usually do whatever comes to my mind haha... Cure : DeviantArt: Status: Mushroom... Mushroom... Mushrooming? LOLz....
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    Indonesia, South Borneo, Banjarmasin Lets be Friends.. :) Facebook:
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    九州で活動しております。 コスプレとお絵描きとBLが好きです。 宜しくおねがいします。 非公式カップリングや絡み写真もアップしますので お気をつけ下さい
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    まったりやってます(ΦωΦ) デュラすき。ラブ! blog: tw: ca_ose_3ndy
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    Twitter/@G_hpxxx @pottrio (Please feel free to follow me.) ☆I can't really speak English, but please be friends with me. ☆I want to speak through English and Japanese. ☆LOVE NARUTO ONE PIECE 銀魂 弱虫ペダル Harry Potter