Kou (Kou Kurokarasu)
  • Thailand
    usakura *usa-usaku-sakura-sara-kura-*-555+ https://www.facebook.com/usakuracostome/?pnref=story
  • Italy
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    A free spirit cosplayer who loves to dress as boy or girl characters more bio later Cosplays Ciel phantomhive - Black Butler Smile - Black Butler book of circus Sailor Neptune - Sailor Moon Aoba - DRAMAtical Murder Kat -DmC Haruhi - Ouran High School Host Club Seras Victoria - Hellsing Future cosplays Lady -Devil May Cry 3 Beast - Black Butler book of circus Garnet - Steven Universe Ada Resident Evil 4 or 6 Space Dandy gender bender
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  • Taiwan
    你好www 歡迎來到我的主頁w
  • Thailand
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  • United States
    Hi~☆♪ Amatuer Cosplayer & Also not a full time one either. Hope you enjoy! ^ 。^
  • a
  • Kazakhstan
  • Sid
    Viet Nam
    (⁄/ω\\) / i'm Sid from Vietnam, My favorite are cosplay,re-trap, Jrock, manga, anime, music of vocaloid ..v..v. Hope you'll like some cosplay pictures of me *smile*
  • Bolivia
  • Viet Nam
    Hi~ my name is Mei ~ I'm from Viet Nam ~ because i'm a high school student so i not enough money to pay for clothings Cosplay. And now, i only be cosplay my HEAD (or my eyes) by my Photoshop. I hope people don't hate me :")))... Thanks everyone ~ ~I LOVE COSPLAY~ [facebook] : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009467769714
  • Belgium
    hi everyone i'm Skye Bloodhood 18 years old and a newbie Belgium cosplayer i like one ok rock, jrock, kpop, kdrama and ofcource anime and manga i cosplay for 2 years now but i dont have that many cosplays. i cosplay kuroko (no basket),honey lemon (big hero 6), japanese decora fashion style. i hope to make lots of friends and get to know the world of cosplay even better please take care of me >3< <3