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    facebook.com/byokersofficial lilcathood.tumblr.com twitter @lilcathood instagram @lilcathood @cathoodpaw
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    -Was Previously known as Kuroshi / Kuroi Shiori- Bakase.R -Casual Cosplayer -Figurine Enthusiast -Full time flamingo
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    HIIIII~~~ everyone this my new page:) i am ruukanji and cosplayer from vietnam i 14 years:33 anh this my wed you can follow me:>> FACEBOOK:https://www.facebook.com/Ruukanji IG:https://www.instagram.com/ruukanji/ twitter:https://twitter.com/vuthaongan52 i hope you like my cosplay and love youuuu~~~~~
  • France
    Hi everyone! I'm Liarina a french cosplayer. Impossible to connect to my old count because he was with my old FB count. So here a new start! Hope you enjoy! Look Facebook for more pictures (WIP, expo,...) : https://www.facebook.com/liarina13/ Deviantart : http://liarina.deviantart.com/
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    主要在同人活動,偶爾出COS,請多指教~ Hello, I'm Chyong, coser from Taiwan. Nice to meet you! plurk@houhchyong
  • China
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  • Germany
    Hello ~ I'm cosplaying since 2013 :) It would be great to make friends with many people from different countries all over the world :) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cecine-Cosplay-1711288729091050/ My next Cosplays: - Deedlit - Mikuru
  • Russia
    Hello everyone! I'm a cosplayer from Moscow (Russia). I love travelling and meeting wonderful people. For more information about my cosplay and costume progress you may check out my other pages: ☆private fb page https://www.facebook.com/tatiana.venevtseva.7 ☆ instagram https://www.instagram.com/dany__ven/ ☆ e-mail:venevts@gmail.com
  • Myanmar
    Hello, I'm Kou from Myanmar! Thanks for visiting : (Please do not use my photo without my permission, Thank you) twitter_ https://twitter.com/yanagikou1990 facebook_ https://www.facebook.com/yanagikou cure_ http://en.curecos.com/my/ Cure No. 377158
  • Italy
    ♡ Spirit Ella ⋆ Ao Yume Reisetsu ♡ Hello-Hi! I'm a cosplayer newbie who's in way too many fandoms not to change cosplans once every two months. Yeah, it's problematic. Current cosplay WIPs: Ranka Lee, Chuuya Nakahara, Mylene Flare Jenius, Koyori Akutagawa Next con: Sassari Cosplay (April 2nd) 💖Instagram: http://instagram.com/spirit_ella 💖Tumblr: http://spirit-ella.tumblr.com
  • Japan
    北海道でチョコチョコ動いてます。yuzuk(ゆづき)です よろしくお願いいたします! 友達とおでライに出没してる事が多いです 私はチキンなので 多分貴方を見つけても私はアァ…ア…ァ……アー…アァァ…って 話しかける事が出来ません(´・ω・`) 目があったら手を振ってください! 翔んでいきます。⌒(ё)⌒ 最近は松野カラ松してます😏 【今できる】 *艦これ 加賀 *ハイキュー? 影山飛雄(これから) *進撃の巨人 エレン(練習必須) *おそ松さん 松野カラ松(普段、スパンコール)
  • Myanmar
    I'm a cosplayer from Myanmar I love cosplays and animes 💓💓
  • Indonesia
    hello~ i'm dea from Indonesia :D i've been cosplaying since 2011 but due to my job as a pattissierre seafarer i can only do cosplay during my vacation. i'm happy with only 2-3 costumes a year, which are very simple ones. most of my costumes are made by my mom while i'm away and i did the finishing touch, some props by my fiancee and the photos were taken by my friend zephyr. that's about me, yoroshiku ne! ^^