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  • Italy
    © Angela Cosplayer ~~~ヾ(^∇^)おはようみんなさん!ー♪ (Ohayō min'na-san!)~ ♥ I'm an Italian cosplayer,i'm 18 years old! I'm not very good at making clothes,most of my costumes are all bought! But i love cosplay and i will keep doing it as i can! v(^-^)v どうもありがとうございました!(Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita!) m(_ _)m Youtube channel: Cosplay page facebook: Deviantart:
  • Brazil
    I am photoshop designer and a big fan of cosplay , and really like making photoshops of cosplays , all are welcome , thanks ! My Deviantart : / My Facebook :
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  • Thailand
    Hi My name is Reina ;) I'm from Thailand. Nice to meet all of you guy <3 Thank you for <3 me and Follow.
  • Taiwan
    【YAM】: 【plurk】: 【攝影】: I am Taiwanese cosplayer. Thanks for visiting my profile! 大家好!!請叫我梢就可以了:D 歡迎各位同好朋友至天空或噗浪上交流和搭訕♥ 攝影努力中!希望也能拍出令人感動的畫面!!!
  • Taiwan
    歡迎交流~~~ヾ(○゜▽゜○) FB: plurk:
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    ☆関連サイト Cosplay Page (FB) → Deviantart → Tumblr → Tumblr2 → ------------------------------------------------------- ☆NEXT COSPLAY ???
  • Macao
    Nice to meet you! :) Album: WB:
  • Thailand
  • France
    Hello everyone ! ★ My name is Minato and i'm 18 YO. I'm a french cosplayer and I do cosplay since 2011. Actually i'm not really great about that and I apologize. I a really HUGE fan about Yusa Kouji (♥) and that's why I do only male cosplay. So hum...enjoy about my cosplay. I hope to get better soon ! Bye Bye ~ ∆
  • Malaysia
  • Turkey
    Hi^^ I'm Turkish amateur cosplayer. Our Blog:
  • Taiwan
    Taiwan's cosplayer。Thanks for you're like♥。 こんにちは!私は台湾のコスプレヤーです。 皆さん、よろしくお願いします♥ 神櫻朔跖(ㄓˊ)=かんさく せつ=kansaku setsu。 我承認我名字不好記((抹臉))可以叫跖跖 就好。 目前主要在北部出沒~!請多指教︿︿。 缺搭檔、缺噗友,,歡迎搭訕,歡迎跟我交流^口^~ 天空: FB: PLURK: