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黑鷲 (kid13784)
  • Thailand
    Hi! I'm lotus , My cosplay name is pikala. New Cosplayer from thailand. I'm 18 year old. I can speak a little English and Chinese. Nice to meet you! If you want to follow me : 你好! 我的名字叫莲花. 我是新 Cosplayer 来自泰国。 我的 cosplayname 是 pikala。 今年我19岁。我可以说汉语一点儿。我抱歉要是我的汉语不太好。 错和然,大家可以劝我。 很高兴认识你!
  • Taiwan
    This is Kaoru's WC, I hoping everyone likes my cos.
  • Taiwan
    Hi! I'm a cosplayer from Taiwan. Nice to meet you^^ Facebook- Instagram- Plurk- Ask- Weibo-貓君MaoJyun_眉毛紳士一生嫁
  • Taiwan
    你好!我叫咲雨彌( ´ w` )ノ
  • SHE
    *:;;:*:;;:*:;;:*:;;:*:;;:*:;;:*:;;:*:;;:*:;;:*:;;:*:;;:*:;;:*:;;:*:;;:*:;;:* THE IDOLM@STER Happy 10th Annniversary! こんにちは、しーです。 よろしくおねがいします! Japanese cosplayer. Love : THE IDOLM@STER / Fullmetal Alchemist / Macross F Twitter : *:;;:*:;;:*:;;:*:;;:*:;;:*:;;:*:;;:*:;;:*:;;:*:;;:*:;;:*:;;:*:;;:*:;;:*:;;:*
  • Viet Nam
    Hi, I'm Chyuu, kind of cosplayer from Vietnam. Nice to meet you and thank you for visiting my page!
  • Taiwan
  • Not set
  • Den
    【主APH/排球少年】也喜其他番 渣coser+写手 【丁马克痴汉】[北区/恶友/不悯][ 冷门爱好者+博爱党]
  • Japan
    Nice to meet you☆ I'm 和帆(Kazuha) my favorite...axis powers HETALIA ☆feasible☆ 〇APH UK USA MACAU SPAIN NORGE CHINA VIETNAM 〇Nyotalia CHINA♀ 〇BOC Hiro 〇PERSONA4 Yukiko 〇FF type_zero Cinque 〇MAGI Hakuryu 〇Free! Haruka like.+*:゚+。.☆ BUMP OF CHICKEN/APH/MAGI/FFVII・type_zero/討鬼伝/夜桜四重奏/ARIA/SoulEater/PERSONA4/Free!/黒子のバスケ/NARUTO/ペダル Twitter.+*:゚+。.☆ follow me @hello26world ☆2015/10/18更新☆
  • United Kingdom
  • China
    大家好。 我是焚梵巧克。 希望我的cos作品大家能喜欢唷❤ 新浪微博:【1】 【2】 半次元: LOFTER: 真爱黑塔利亚,喜欢COSPLAY 搭档cooperate:晨尘【CC】,小败【Xiaobai】 Hellow,everyone. My name is BurnVa Choco. LOVE APH,LOVE COSPLAY. My English is not very good,So sometimes it can be expressed in Chinese.I hope don't mind.
  • Taiwan
    Nice to meet you.My chines name is 腐大. I so glad meet you:3 很高興認識你,我叫腐大,我來自台灣 喜歡畫畫也喜歡cosplay pages:
  • United States
    Hey! I never really know what to put in these little basically I love everything nerdy :) Every summer and winter I go to SacAnime! If you see me, say hi, I love meeting new people. I've also started going to the Central Valley Cosplay Gatherings in downtown Sacramento. :) If you want more cosplay pictures or to know more about me and my plans you can go to my Instagram which is Cosplay__Kitten (with two under scores)
  • Taiwan
    Hello— 這裡是鐵橋,可以叫我ㄊㄑ、tch。 是米、英、法、普、諾廚。 主要吃味音痴及家暴組。 是臺灣人。 請多指教。
  • Macao
    A secondary student who loves APH very much