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優優子 (Yuuyuuko)
Hong Kong
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    Hi my name is Ginanjar :o I've known a cosplay since 2004 ^o^ I live in Surabaya East Java Indonesia ;) I Love aza miyuko so much!!! >.< i will following all of you ... ^^; if you want to chat with me, feel free to add my "LINE" my LINE id is ginanjarhadisaputra heheheheheh.... nice to meet you cosplayers :p WOW new fitures!!! chatting!! :v let's chatting everyone!! XD~~ sorry if my english is bad :'(
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    HELLO,I am come form HONG KONG...... My name is Sinner~~~>< 我是罪人哦~ FACEBOOK : 【罪人】 專頁:【kingdom_cosplay】 I hope you can give us a like :3 路過的給一個讚我們當作給我們鼓勵吧><
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    私はカメコです。 うまくはないですが、コスプレを撮ることを 楽しんでいます。 よかったら、仲良くしてください。 よろしくお願いします。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am amateur photographer. I like Anime,manga.I like kurosituji,inuboku,and more. Please get along.
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    Hi, My name is Jeff. I am not a cosplayer but I like to view and appreciate this art. I usually do a few editing jobs. Here I will upload some of the photos I take in cosplay conventions. Feel free to get in touch at anytime. You can find me at: Site: deviantART: Tumblr: Take care ^^