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做做 (Juri )
Hong Kong
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  • Hong Kong
    Maganda Umaga~! My name's Big D, a Filipino cosplayer in Hong Kong. I got my nickname from people around me. 我叫大D ,在香港的菲律宾扮演者。我得到了我的昵称,从我身边的人。 P.S: I am a noob. I've only been doing this for well, under a year./我是小白。我只是一直这样做很好,不到一年。 P.P.S: THE DRILL CAN SPIN! 钻头可以旋转! Please visit my Facebook page for a like as well!~ >3<
  • Spain
  • China
    Hello everyone,我是空凌,英文名klkimi, Come from China,Chinese Cosplayer ~小萌新一枚~ 喜爱二次元,喜爱cosplay~ 一生無の悔入東方幻想郷、来世のお願い!! 微博 半次元
  • Canada
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  • United States
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  • Taiwan
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  • Malaysia
    这没有东东可看 我不是摄影或coser但可能有一天成为其中之一或两个都是 Here has nothing to see since im not a photographer or a coser but maybe became one of them or both
  • Argentina
  • MD
    South Korea
  • Australia
    Hello there~ I'm Maeko desu ❤ You can just call me May ♔ I cosplay for fun, I hope you like it! ≧◡≦ ❥ Facebook page: ❥ Instagram: @maekocosplay