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    cos資歷還很淺,努力提升自己中( *´◒`*) 請多多指教。
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    你好www 歡迎來到我的主頁w
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    Birthday 11/26
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    大家好,我是新手coser松鼠,出崩請原諒。 Hello everyone, I am a novice coser 松鼠(yozuki). みなさん、こんにちは、私は初心者のcoser松鼠(yozuki)。
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    Hi!!! XD~~~ My name is Yang Tokiya, call me Yang. I'm from Vietnam. I have started cosplay since 2013 up to now. But I had stopped in 2014 for studying. I like cosplay become to male character and sexy girl character :"> I like gothic lolita, Danmei, Horror, Ecchi. My Idol is Xiye (Amber_M) cosplayer. I wish I could go to cosplay festival in the world. I want to be friend with everybody. Following me and send your messenger, we can be friend!
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    大家好~我是香港的COSPLAY攝影師... ↑專頁上會優先分享我的作品~後期會慢慢地更新, 請多多見諒!!
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    I'm Almond, also known as Ah-Lo-Mon-Do! 나는 '알몬드' 입니다! I'm South Korean and I'm studying abroad in the USA~ 나는 미국에서 유학 하고있습니다~ ღYouTube: ღInstagram: ღTwitter: ღFacebook: ღBlog: Email: