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Joukazu (Kazuhiro Jou)
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  • Canada
    Passionate Canadian Cosplayer and Photographyer! Loves to meet new friends <3 Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
  • Canada
    Hi! I am a cosplayer from Canada! Σ(♡●▽ ●☆)ノ” ~~~~~~~~~~~~ facebook: twitter: tumblr:
  • Japan
    Hi! My name is Nonomy. I try to portray female characters as a male. ■Websites Official site: TokyoOtakuMode: Cure: Flickr: Twitter:!/BeyondTheWishes
  • United States
    I am basically new to this cosplay thing. I build robots. Mainly stick to rare anime or super robots but will play around with a Transformer once in awhile. I pride myself in simplicity and doing my builds completely freehand out of inexpensive materials. My goal is to influence others to try building. To get out there and have fun no matter what your size age etc.
  • Canada
    Cute girls are love! NOモエNOライフ! 美少女ーズ最高! Toronto based cosplayer who loves to cosplay cute girls (though I'd like to try some cool guys in the future too) In the future I want to travel and go to Anime Conventions all around the world! こんにちは! りんりんと重します。 トロント・カナダに住んでいるレイヤーです! 可愛い女の子大好きです。テニスの王子様とテニミュも! 日本語、中国語、英語も、OKです! もしよければFacebookとCureも見に行きってね! Cureで友達になろう! Facebook: Cure:
  • United States
    【facebook】 【tumblr】 【instagram】 【twitter】 【youtube】 【deviantart】 【cospix】 【acparadise】
  • Canada
    Hey I'm a Canadian cosplayer/photographer/videographer. I'm pretty new to the trade, but I'm always up for improvement. I like seeing cosplayers portray their characters to the utmost details. I enjoy meeting people with the same interests and passions Facebook: Youtube:
  • Malaysia
    马来西亚华裔coser , 力求好照片! 为cos撒血撒泪中 (キΦдΦ) Hello , I am Kappy from Malaysia =3 Facebook Page 新浪微博
  • Singapore
    Yohoo~ Welcome here! This is Naoffi Lolphes! ><; I WILL IMPROVE!! 你好~这只东西的学名是 “脑飞 肉肥死” ((直接用读音翻译了~濮 简称脑飞! 我会加油的! Cure no: 266735
  • Singapore
    Chujitsu from Singapore here! Nice to meet you~ My Page: シンガポールからのチュウジツだよ~ よろしくね!^-^
  • Indonesia
    Don't Judge me , this my turn to fly i'am "A" from Kazuma Cosplay Indonesia I'll NEVER GIVE UP Fp : Fb:
  • tn
  • Singapore
    A cosplayer from SIngapore! よろしくお願いします!*^O^* Facebook: Instagram: @cosermizuki Weibo: @床前美月光
  • Malaysia
    hihi~~~here is neriko desu~~~~ douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu~~~~ p/s:my english is very poor 这里是面团团/////// 英文破烂还请各位多多指教呢wwwwww FB: cure:325113 weibo:面团才不软乎乎
  • Philippines
    Lee Mizuumi. Filipino Cosplayer. Cosplaying and Photography are just two of my passions. facebook: tumblr: twitter: follow me- iamshinigamilee instagran: leemizuumi Cure No. 303624 I love meeting new people and making new friends. I like to travel here and abroad and meet cosplayer friends. Feel free to be friends with me. :D
  • Malaysia
    If you find a similar profile with a similar name, that's the one that I couldn't delete for some reason ;w; This is my main WorldCosplay account. So thanks for coming on over ^^ Cure Cos No. 315537