pear(梨子/桔梨) (jie Li)
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    thanks and Welcome to my profile :3
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    ✡我是來自台灣的coser縭姬,因為場次不能每場都參加,外拍也很少拍所以照片不多,但還是希望大家會喜歡我的作品>< ✡I am from Taiwan coser Ligi. because screening can not have participated in every field , outdoor photo shoot few pictures so much , but still hope you will like my picture>< ✡facebook ✡instagram ✡ask
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    I am a Amateur Photographer from Hong Kong. Follow me if you like my photo =) Please visit my page for non-cosplay portrait: Facebook page : Twitter : Please message me if you want me to be your photographer 歡迎香港COSER找我做攝 =p 拍COS或私服都可以啊 坑表:
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  • South Korea
    Hi, I'm mara. korea cosplayer &photographer.
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    ROM専です。 国内外のレイヤーさんが楽しそうにコスをしているのを見るのが好きです‹‹\(´ω` )/››‹‹\(  ´)/››‹‹\( ´ω`)/››
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    Hi, I'm Aitalina
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    大家好喔~ 月音目前只是個小小Coser而已。。。請多指教m(_ _)m 目前COS地區會有台灣北部地區跟香港2區喔~ 作品不多請見諒(掩面 希望把自己最愛的角色感覺詮釋做到最好目前還在努力中!! 本命:楪祈(罪惡王冠)、南琴梨(love live!)
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    Hola, soy Melody JR :D y espero que te gusten mis cosplays que he hecho con mucho esfuerzo :D FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: No uses las fotos sin haber pedido permiso antes :)
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