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翼夢Imon/いつむ (Itsumu)
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  • Indonesia
    hi my name is Ginanjar :o I've known a cosplay since 2004 ^o^ I live in Surabaya East Java Indonesia ;) cosplay is a part of my life ;) Lets be friends shall we, feel free to add my Facebook too :p
  • Indonesia
  • Viet Nam
  • Taiwan
  • China
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
    Hi Im Caitlyn (Erica ann stamaria )
  • Thailand
    Hi, My Namecos Vilnius.
  • Austria
    ♥ FB page Deviantart Blog Tumblr
  • Taiwan
    【Plurk】 【照片倉庫】 【近況】 UL+鬼畜眼鏡+KAITO+YAMAHA社+幻想水滸傳II+特攝+TOGF = 蒼蒼 【愛】 本命-萬年幻水2+哨聲推廣,喬伊+龍也廚,廚到無以復加。 V家-永恆KAITO迷妹,YAMAHA社溺愛 UL-梅倫+魯卡+大小姐=蒼蒼 眼鏡-眼鏡片人妻大好 特攝-特命龍司+ESC,期待兩人步入禮堂    獸電阿空迷妹中,紅金能量不足 TOGF-ヒューバート天使不解釋
  • Viet Nam
    Thank you for the visit!~ :3 My name is Yami Hikari , or you can call me Yami ~ XD I come from Hue city, Viet Nam I want to be friends with all you guys X3~ Thanks.~ *I love Axis Powers HETALIA Happy tree friends RWBY Ahorhythm or Aphorism homestuck Pokemon special The doraemons Kuroshitsuji, especially the perfect four (p4) XD ~~~ Alice Madness Return all horror's anime and game XD and more X3 ~~ _my facebook:
  • Malaysia
  • Japan
    Im A, Pet Lover, Graphic Designer, Artist, Techie, Gamer, Music Lover, and Proud Otaku. in short im Geeky [FB] [Twitter]
  • Uruguay
  • Indonesia
    Hi~ Indonesian cosplayer here! Nice to meet you :D I'm Lumia Scarlet, please call me Miya or Lumi ^^ Been a cosplayer since 2012 :3 Other than cosplay, I'm an artist and writer too.. :> Twitter: @lumiascarlet CureCos: 366451