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  • Indonesia
    Hi, I'm Nagisa Medinilla Nadaviana✩ An Indonesian cosplayer♫ I'm based in South Korea, Malaysia, and Indonesia❤ I either hand sewed or glued some costumes, sorry for the imperfections o(╥﹏╥)o Let's be friend! \(≧∀≦)/ Facebook Page: Blog: Cure: 359784
  • Taiwan
  • United States
    Hi guys! Thanks for looking at my page I really appreciate it!! I am a cosplayer as you can see LOL. I also play the violin, play video games, write stories, dance, sing, and etc. I attend as many conventions as I can and I LOVE meeting new people! This page is a work in progress so bear with me! Once again it means so much that you all rate my photos! Thank you and enjoy! <3
  • Macedonia
  • Taiwan
    請多多指教~ 日本語を勉強しています、どうぞよろしく! Welcome to my WorldCosplay page! ENG/日本語/中文 以上OK/結構です! >>E-mail
  • Belarus
    Hi! I am glad that you visited my page. I hope you like my works) I'm a cosplayer from little Belarus and I would be happy to meet interesting people from other countries. ^^ My e-mail: My facebook: kaori.leit
  • China
    HUM .....l an riko I have a little shy...but I want to make friends with you ! If this dream will come true,i will be very happy!!!!!
  • Taiwan
    能一次比一次好就好了呢。 天空♥ 噗浪♥
  • Taiwan
    嗨 我是阿熊
  • Taiwan
    LOVE Attack on Titan MAGI LOVE LIVE! GATCHAMAN Crowds 東京喰種 ジョジョ HQ! Eren Jaeger♥Levi♥Titus Alexius♥aribaba♥Eri♥Ken Kaneki♥ソロモン hello~here is Yuri!I'm from Taiwan. I like to make friends. Welcome to add my friend ! 哈囉大家好 這裡是YURI! 台灣COSER!請大家多多指教:) Facebook♥ Plurk♥ BLOG♥
  • Taiwan
    我是熱愛大叔與膝上襪(兩者合一更好)的冬彌,請多指教XDDD Plurk:
  • Voi
    太太我喜歡你啊!!!(*´Д`*) 想到+有照片才更新 ♡JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ♡DRAMAtical Murder ♡League of Legends ...etc THANK YOU :) 朋友很少 請跟我當朋友(?
  • Taiwan
    大家好我是Korn 台中人 基本上中北部出沒 很高興跟大家見面喔www Hi I'm Korn I live in Taiwan(Taichung City) It's glad to see everyone here Hope we can get on well ^^ 喜歡的作品 Love works: 1.義呆利 Axis Powers HETALIA 2. Vocaloid 3. Unlight 4. 陽炎計畫 Kagerou Project Plurk : Album : CURE : (No. 243011)
  • Taiwan
    呃...只是個拿相機的廢宅大叔! 礙於WC的上傳規範 部分照片未標記COSER本人 僅在說明中說明!
  • Romania
    Hello there ~ I am Irene a romanian cosplayer, yet still a beginner . Cosplay page :
  • Taiwan
    大家好~我是貢丸~ 本人還是蠢蠢的新手~ 請大家多多包涵>< 想要拿我的照照去練ps我非常歡迎喔! 不過跟我講一下就是了^^ 因為我還是想看看我被p過的照照^^ 我相信大家一定可以把我p得很美^^