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翼一Hajime (Hajime)
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  • Germany
    at Facebook >> at DeviantArt >> at >> at Instagram >> titanbrat
  • Chile
    soy una novata en cosplay ^^, pero quiero ir mejorando poco a poco ^^
  • Peru
    Welcome all! (*・ω・*) My name is Neko Asatte, cosplay Peru, i love manga and anime I hope you like my cosplays >w< ♥ Link ~♥~
  • Philippines
    This oxygen-breathing potato burrows herself in the cold earth of Southern Luzon, particularly in Tayabas Quezon Province. She strives to show appreciation to characters she loves by dressing herself up. DeviantArt: Cure: Facebook: instagram: Tumblr: (◕)__(◕) ( - ‿‿ - )
  • Malaysia
    Hai hai minasan, 1st time cosplay started in Nov 2012 Nice to meet you all~ ^w^ Cosplay Characters: Giotto (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) Kise Ryota (Kuroko no Basuke) Shimura Shinpachi (Gintama)
  • ZCY
    zeyan.(沢言) 居住于中国山东济南 高三艺考狗 新浪: 黑篮中毒患者/主黄黑 黑篮/家教/网王/魔笛
  • Chile
    Thanks for visit my profile (^^) & Thank you very much to all my followers (^з^)-☆ よろしくお願いします.. o○♪(*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆ ■Deviantart: ■Cure No. 331702
  • Thailand
  • Spain
    hii!!! i'm Kittychan nice to meet you. ^O^)7 i hope you like my cosplay. Most of my cosplays are handmade by me and my mom. we can be friends and extend our passion for cosplay with everyone muahahaha. thanks for follow me, and to take the time to see ah! I do not wear wigs (for the moment), at the moment I'm using my own hair. P: sorry for my bad english... i'm trying to improve it.
  • China
  • Hong Kong
    大家好 我是香港的COSPLAYER 我叫音鈴 請多多指教^^ Hello,My name is Musicling from Hong Kong. Nice to meet you all.
  • Brazil
    Hi :) I'm brazilian cosplayer. Since 2008 I cosplay. I've done five costumes, they are: Tsunade (Naruto), Mário Bros female version, Neliel (Bleach), Alice In Wonderland (Disney) and Sora (Kingdom Hearts 2). I want to make another cosplay, Harry Potter and Ariel princess (Disney - The Little Mermaid) Check out my profiles on Facebook and Fotolog: Thanks :)
  • Taiwan
    你好w(OωO)ノシ 我是 五月 ,不是 皐月 嘎! 本命是戰國BASARA的伊達政宗 嚴重獨眼控>/////<(#
  • Taiwan
    新浪- 天空-
  • Taiwan
    小四 黑籃滯留中、全職慢速中,超慢速填坑;通常運轉。 日、英語苦手&無能。 I come from Taiwan,is a Beginner Cosplayer,nice to meet you! PLURK: WB:
  • Taiwan
    +初次見面+*+請多指教+ (・`з´・)♪ 這裡是小桃(<ゝω・)~★ ***各方面詳細*** ++屬性 ♥大叔臉 ♥少女心 ♥少年呆 ++喜歡 ♥大叔*30↑* ♥年下 ♥偽娘 ♥傲嬌 ♥美少年 ++座右銘 ♥人不輕狂枉少年 ++目的 ♥充實人生 ++聯絡 ♥YAM * ++其他 ★補坑補不完(蛋疼) ☆約拍歡迎 ★搭訕希望 ☆碰友需要 小叮嚀(・`з´・)♪ **謹慎交友啊w寶貝♥**(?) **以上** +不嫌棄跟小桃當碰友的♥寶貝們♥還請多指教囉(<ゝω・)~★