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    weibo(chinese) http://weibo.com/1253330995/ BLOG(chinese)http://hi.baidu.com/%BF%FB%D1%BC%D7%D3/home hi~ I like express my thoughts in the picture. I hope that someone like these. =v=
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    合作聯絡處E-mail❥monpink11@hotmail.com ❥ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/monpink1215 ❥Instagram http://instagram.com/monpink11 ❥twitter https://twitter.com/monpink1111 ❥ Weibo http://weibo.com/monpink
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    OffIcial Site: http://aaangelll24.wix.com/aaangelllcos Weibo: http://weibo.com/aaangelll Face Book :https://www.facebook.com/angell.angel.758 Ask: http://ask.fm/aaangelll123 Instagram: aaangelll
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    -CURE- 225529 -Weibo- http://weibo.com/qihanashi7/ -Web- http://465381236.blog.163.com/ -PhotoBO- http://qihanashi.lofter.com/ -CosList- http://coslist.lofter.com/
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    ☆ 【Face Book】:https://www.facebook.com/akatsukitsukasa ☆ 【Weibo】:http://weibo.com/2569748934/profile ☆【PLURK】:http://www.plurk.com/tsukasa821#
  • Germany
    Hi guys, my name is Mikiyo! I am a cosplayer from Germany studying in Jena. I cosplay since 2008. I really hope to see and share great stuff here. Feel free to watch at: ★DeviantArt★ http://mikiyooo.deviantart.com ★Twitter★ http://twitter.com/#!/Red_Panda_Hero Greets, Mikiyo
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    Sina Weibo:http://weibo.com/vestchen Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/vest.chen.9
  • Chile
    Hello! I'm Misato, a chilean cosplayer, I invite you to be part of this group, so you get to know my cosplay work, my appraisals of events, etc. Thank you very much to whom will join for their support and good critiques and comments. Follow me in facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MisatonoirCosplay My Page: http://misatonoir.jimdo.com/ Follow me in twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/misato_noir
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    E-mail: hiwatarinana@qq.com or hiwatarinana@mail.goo.ne.jp Fanfiction.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1776373/ Cure: http://ja.curecos.com/profile/?ch=213715 Own Skin: http://www.ownskin.com/home?u=saohime Twitter: http://twitter.com/HiwatariNana Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hiwatari.Nana Weibo: http://weibo.com/hiwatarinana DeviantArt: http://hiwatari77.deviantart.com/ Other like nyam-blog, ameba, etc.?? I'm forget but u can ask me~ Nice to meet you, Minna-san..
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    Blog : http://hi.baidu.com/mollyeberwein/home Deviant art : http://mollyeberwein.deviantart.com/ Cure no. : 160958 Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/%E9%BB%91%E7%BE%BD-Molly/163863226998584 新浪微博Weibo: http://www.weibo.com/mollyeberwein
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    cure:243522 deviantart:http://akimoto1988.deviantart.com/ sina weibo:http://weibo.com/akimoto1988 Nice to meet you~=w<~❤ favorite———— HEllsing Code Geass GHOST IN SHELL Marvel Comics SAO Death Note Mononoke 東京喰種 となりの怪物くん 戲言 VOCALOID EVA Nitro+CHiRAL