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hagaren爆 (hagaren)
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  • Malaysia
    Hai~ I'm Dante I‘m Malaysian wish you follow me and like me more~(*/ω\*) 嗨~ 我是但丁 我来自马来西亚 希望你们多多关注也给我多一点赞哦w Like ·Anmesia失忆症 ·Blech死神 ·Death Note死亡笔记 ·Gintama银魂 ·Kamigami No Asobo诸神的恶作剧 ·Tokyo Ghost东京喰种
  • Thailand
    HI ! minna -- Σ(・ω・´ノ)ノ My name Pa -- へ(´∀`へ) Cosplay Beginners Nice to meet you (  ≧▽≦)八(≧∇≦  ) Follow me (人゛ ∀゛)。;* ♥ Facebook :: ♥ Twitter ::
  • France
    Hello , i'm a french cosplay since 2011. I hope you love my works. Love~
  • aki
  • Singapore
    I'm Koyuki, a cosplayer from Singapore ⊙▽⊙ 您好!我是来自从新加坡的小雪♤
  • Viet Nam
    I'm the lady killer ~~~ Come with me , girls! Just for fun 2333 LOL~~~
  • Uruguay
  • Russia
    Hi my name is Eleanor. I do not cosplayer, but I like to watch people ome engaged. I have always admired and admire such people. So I'll just be an observer.
  • Thailand
    HELLO AND WELCOME!!! THAK YOU FOR FOLLOW ME. MY COSNAME IS 'HOGI' I'M THAI COSPLAYER. THAK YOU FOR FOLLOW ME AGAIN. \(>o<)/ ありがとうございます. またあいましょう. Fecebook : Fecebook Fan Page : -
  • LVY
  • China
  • Viet Nam
    - Vietnamese Cosplayer Hi, I'm Sakao Rima. :'> Twitter:
  • Taiwan
    我是赤玥/// 來自台灣的coser 目前踏進c圈只有一年多 坑挖了很多卻無力填滿w這是遺憾的事/// 總覺得自己老是挖舊番的坑坑///徵求搭當陪坑各種BL~ 歡迎戳友W
  • Viet Nam
  • Macao